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Title: Motorcycle Tuck-A-Way Cart ( ST1100\ST1300 )
Post by: KoTAOW on November 09, 2011, 07:08:42 AM
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Motorcycle Tuck-A-Way Cart ( ST1100\ST1300 )

How-To Instructions:

  Over time a few people have inquired about the cart that I use to store my cycle on in my garage. I use it on a daily basis and it has served me well. I wasn't sure how long it would last but after more than two years and a couple bikes it seems to be holding up fine. I literally put it together in a few hours after I got all the materials together. It consists of nothing more than standard boards, carriage bolts, lag bolts, casters, and a pipe flange (at least that's what I'm calling it).

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  The cart is built as close to the ground as I could get it but you'll still need a piece of 2x6 to get you up on to it. Not a big deal though. I just kept a piece around and use it to stop the back tire when it's on the cart and use it to ride up onto when the bike is off the cart. Overall the total rise to get onto the cart is about 3" which with the 2x6 there is not an issue at all. The casters lift the cart up enough to get the boards off the floor and give clearance for the bolts that would the hole thing together. You couldn't use too small of casters or it just wouldn't hold. I had the HD Ultra on this thing for over 2 years and it held up fine but I did have to go to steel casters in the back because the cheap rubber wheel ones would eventually give out.

  The cart is built a little odd in that I used a wider board on the low side of the bike to allow for the kick stand. This worked perfect with the Harley but I had to mod it a little to accommodate for the fact that the ST isn't as wide as the Harley. The nice thing it is still wide enough to keep the wife from running into my saddlebags or mirrors when she parks next to it. For me it's just about the perfect width and length for just about any bike. And if it can hold an HD Ultra it'll hold just about anything.

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Cost:  ~$100 (most of it is in the casters)

Difficulty:  4 (requires a skill saw)

Parts List:


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  You can pick your own width and length if you want and just about anyone can look at this and put one together themselves in very little time. The two things that take a little time is the support in the back that keeps the cart from swinging left or right when you come up on it and it will so you'll want the support. The hinge in the front is the second thing. Initially I just wedged the front but putting the hinge on it made all the difference and made it a lot easier to get in and out. These two additions made it custom to my garage a little but I'm better that anyone could see a way to do it in there garage if they're wedged into a corner like I am here.

So here's the run down on this one:

Step By Step:

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  That's pretty much it. This is just a rough draft design because not everyone has the same garage. It is great for me because I never bang into the garage and never mess up my paint. It's not hard to bring in and out and it cuts down my parking time to about 30 seconds. If you make one let me know. If you need more details let me know since I put this together pretty fast. This isn't brain surgery though so I'm hoping the pictures give enough detail. I refined this design over a couple years and I think it works very well for the price.


Thank You again for your contribution Curt Gran, STOC #5137, IBA# 330