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Part numbers & Parts sources ( ST1100\ST1300 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, August 04, 2007, 12:32:47 PM

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On-line Parts Sources ( ST1100\ST1300 )

Most have on-line parts fiche:

Bike Bandit

Discount Honda Parts

Honda Direct Line

Honda OnLine Parts

MR Cycles

Powers Sports Pro

Ron Ayers

Service Honda

Zanotti Motors - CLOSED 12/31/2011

Service Honda's "remote desktop" fiches (accurate model/yr):


On-Line Manuals

Common Service Manual:

On-line Owners Manual (and more):


Miscellaneous Part Numbers

Dimpled CBR1100XX Bolts for ST1100:
(Replaces wimpy Phillips head screws with hex drive screws and adds 3-4 HP and 10 MPH to the top end !!)

Dimpled Lower Fairing Hex Bolts (need 10)
Approx. $1.70 each ( 10/2014 )

Dimpled Side Cover Hex Bolts (need 2)
Approx $1.80 each ( 10/2014 )

Dimpled Pivot Cover Hex Bolts (Need 4, 2 additional don't show)
Approx $2.48 each ( 10/2014 )


Maintenance cap *NH285* (Gusto Gray): 77121-MT3-000ZA
 spring clip: 90666-SD4-003 (not included with above)
(small rectangular piece in fairing cover â€" above your knee)

Rear wheel O-rings:
91358-MG9-003, O-RING (50.5X3.5)
91302-MA6-003, O-RING (61X2)
91356-MG9-003, O-RING (39.5X2.4)

1973-80 Honda Civic 1.5L  180 deg
Stant's old number: 35868
Stant's new number: 13868
RobertShaw "Generation2" part # GT753-180

T-stat housing O-ring:
Honda part # 91307-MB0-003 described as "54X2"

Radiator cap:
1990-96 Honda Accord 2.2L  16psi
Stant 11233 or 11242
Gates 31336

Oil filters:
Purolator      Pure One PL14612
Mobil           M1-108
Mobil 1        M1-110
Bosch          3300  
Purolator      Pure One PL14610
Bosch          3323
SuperTech   ST7317
SuperTech   ST6607

(when 2 part numbers are shown, they likely the same diameter but one is longer than the other. Don’t know which is which though… Earlier models of the ST1100 had an oil cooler mounted at the base of the oil filter. They would likely need the shorter oil filter.)

Comment by Jason S:

 Mobil 1   M1-110 = Long filter
 SuperTech  ST7317 = Long filter

Fuel filter:
Various ST owners have reported using:
1) Fram G3 works fine, you can see into it.
2) PUROLATOR Pro-Fuel line filter - part number is #806.
replacement filters come in a pack of 3, part number is #896

Steering stem tapered roller bearings up-grade:
(also have wheel bearings with seals)
CBR Bearing Company      Inside the USA 1-800-769-5388
401 Olive Hill Way         Outside the USA 1-760-731-7207
Fallbrook, Ca. 92028      E-mail


Here is Dave Wooster's excellent message of 11/14/2005:

Here's what I learned recently about ST1100 locks and the keys that operate them. There are two types of key blanks used; Honda calls them Type 1 and Type 2.

If your local locksmith uses Curtiss=brand blanks, they are called numbers HD-74 and HD-75, respectively. If they use Ilco-brand, they are called HD74-X84 and HD75-X138, resp. The original key to your ST has a three-character code stamped into the metal. The first character one of four letters. If it's an A or B, the blank is Type 1; if C or D, it's a Type 2. Let's call that 3-character code the Key Id. Number (or KIN for short). The KIN can also be found stamped on the curved portion of at least three of the bike's lock cylinders as follows: gas-fill lid lock, right-hand fairing pocket lock, and the rear side of the ignition lock. In each case there is a five- or six-character string stamped into the metal, and the KIN appears as the last three characters of that string.

Any Honda dealer or locksmith can make a key to your ST using only the KIN. (Here in Kansas, my local Honda charges about $6 for that service; the locksmiths charge $8 to $10.) So you might want to take a record of it on a long bike trip. The second and third characters of the KIN seem to always be numbers; so there are probably at most 400 (or four times 10 times 10) different KINs. Since there were more than 400 ST1100s made, other STs have the same KIN as yours, and keys to those bikes all fit yours. Some remaining questions are: Can Honda sell me the original-style key blank if I know the blank type (1 or 2)? Does the KIN appear anywhere else on the bike than the three locations mentioned? What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros? In all cases, my response is: 'el-if-I-know. Maybe some other liSTer will supply more answers.

BMW Grips:

A comfortable tapered design - slightly wider on the out board ends. They make my wrists more comfortable and the taper allows one to move one's hands around a bit to vary the muscles used.

Part Numbers:
Left:     32721458395
Right:   32721458396

Contributed by:  Eric J Russell,  STOC 2860


Submitted by Jon Ransom, STOC #063


Parts Sources Update ( ST1100/ST1300 )

The information below is the latest I could garner from searching the LiST.  

I've checked each site today (9/5/2014) and each has fiche unless noted:

Bike Bandit

Chaparral Motorsports

Dennis Kirk
"no fiche;
ST listed with cruisers"

Discount Honda Parts

Honda Direct Line (aka

Honda OnLine Parts
redirects to Honda Direct Line

Honda Parts Direct

MR Cycles

Parts Fish

Parts Pit Stop


Power Sports Plus
redirects to Partzilla

Powers Sports Pro
redirects to Parts Fish

Ron Ayers
missing 1991

Service Honda

Zanotti Motors
on-line closed 12/31/2011


These are more specialized.  

None have fiche:

CBR Bearing Inc

David Silver Spares

PJ Motorsports
Keihin & Mikuni carb parts

Sirius Consolidated Inc (S.C.I.)
carb bits


Thank You again for your contribution Jon Ransom, STOC #063