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Specifications ( ST1100 )
« on: August 04, 2007, 12:34:35 PM »
General Description:
Engine Type:          1084cc liquid-cooled 90 V-4
Bore and Stroke:     73mm x 64.8mm
Compression Ratio:  10.0:1
Valve Train:          DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Carburetion:        Four 34.5mm downdraft CV
Ignition:           Solid-state digital
Transmission:          Five-speed
Final Drive:          Shaft
Suspension:           Front: 43mm/41mm cartridge fork with TRAC; 5.9 inches travel
Rear:                    Single shock with five-way spring preload and rebound damping adjustability; 4.7 inches travel
Brakes:         Linked Braking System (ABSII model only)
Front:                  Dual disc with three-piston calipers  (2 piston on std. model)
Rear:                   Single disc with three-piston caliper (2 piston on std. model)
Tires:          Front: 120/80ZR-18 (ALT) / 110/80V-18 (Stan.)
Rear:                  160/70ZR-17 (ALT) / 160/70V-17 (Stan.)
Wheelbase:         61.2 inches
Seat Height:       31.5 inches
Dry Weight:        659.2 pounds (ALT) / 634.9 pounds (Stan.)
Fuel Capacity:      7.4 gallons
Colors:            1990 1/2 - Black, 1991 - Silver Metallic, 1992&1993 - Candy Glory Red, 1994 - Black, 1995/1996/1997 - Pure Pearl Red, 1998/1999 - Black, 2000/2001/2002 - Wineberry

Honda's ST1100/ST1100 ALTII Propaganda

    * Linked Braking System (LBS) combines with Antilock Brake System (ABS) for a wide range of braking control. Traction Control System (TCS) is also featured.

    * LBS uses a second master cylinder and a proportion control valve to couple the calipers of the duel front and single rear disc brakes. Using either the handlebar lever or the foot pedal activates all three calipers, but the rider controls brake force distribution between the front and rear wheels depending on which control is used. As the rider increases braking force and weight transfers forward, the proportion control valve progressively shifts the balance of braking force in three steps toward the front wheel.
    * Delay valve minimizes fork dive when minor speed corrections are made using only the rear brake, offering enhanced control and ease of operation on irregular or low-friction road surfaces.

    * ABS features an electric-motor-driven modulator which gives quick, precise braking-pressure adjustments, and smooth ABS operation. The system incorporates an integrated ECU controller, self-diagnostics with an interactive ECU test function, and automatic protection against system failure.

    * Computer-engineered aerodynamic front fender with integrated fork guards gives good protection with enhanced air flow.

    * Large, 43mm front fork (ALT only; 41mm standard model) features cartridge-type configuration and Torque Reactive Anti-dive Control (TRAC).

    * Z-rated radial tires offer enhanced performance to match machine's touring capability and braking performance (ALT model only).


    * Liquid-cooled 1084cc longitudinally mounted V-4 engine produces excellent horsepower and torque over a wide rpm range.

    * Shim-under-bucket valve actuation ensures high-rpm reliability while being more compact and lighter than a conventional rocker-arm system, and offers 16,000 mile valve adjustment intervals.

    * Belt-driven camshaft for smooth, quite, reliable operation. Four-valve-per-cylinder technology provides excellent combustion efficiency and high power.

    * Four 34.5mm constant velocity (CV) carburetors provide crisp throttle response at all rpm.

    * Cassette-type, five-speed transmission. Quiet and reliable shaft drive system. Clutch, main shaft and drive shaft dampers for reduced noise, vibration and driveline lash.

    * Aluminum radiator keeps temperatures in check for consistent performance and long engine life.

    * High-output 40-amp air-cooled ACG allows installation of varied electrical accessories, and delivers substantial output even at low rpm.

    * Digital ignition system.


    * Computer-designed steel frame is strong and positions the engine low for superb maneuverability and precise handling.

    * Wind-tunnel-designed and tested fairing with Honda's Air Control WindscreenTM offers superb wind and weather protection, low noise and superior high-speed aerodynamics.

    * 43mm cartridge fork (41mm standard model) offers a compliant, controlled ride.

    * Torque Reactive Anti-dive Control (TRACTM) reduces fork compression during braking.

    * Single-shock, swingarm-mounted rear suspension system offers spring pre-load and rebound damping adjustability.

    * Wide, three-spoked cast aluminum wheels fitted with V-rated bias-belted tires (standard model) or Z-rated radial tires (ALT model).

    * Duel-disc front brake and single-disc rear brake.

    * Roomy cockpit and ergonomically designed duel-density seat offer true long-haul comfort (not sure about that seat).

Additional Features:

    * Enormous 7.4-gallon fuel tank is located below the seat for a low center of gravity and offers phenomenal touring range.

    * Detachable, lockable,color-matched 35-liter saddlebags are standard equipment and can each hold a full-face helmet.

    * Integrated fairing protectors for tip-over protection.

    * Breakaway rearview mirrors.

    * Fairing-mounted quartz clock,

    * Detachable saddlebags feature fold-down carrying handles.

    * Padded passenger grab rails.

    * Dual halogen headlights.

    * Integrated front and rear turn signals.

    * Fairing-mounted headlight adjusters.

    * Full instrumentation includes fuel and temperature gauges.

    * Integrated ignition switch/fork lock. Single key operates all locks.

    * Three-year transferable unlimited mileage warranty.

Contributed by Dale (Warchild) Wilson,  STOC #098
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