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Wheel Bearing R&R Tip: Distance Collar Mod ( ST1100 ) *
« on: July 08, 2018, 07:56:06 PM »
Original idea by Paul Kolbo, STOC #273, text and pictures by John OoSTerhuis, STOC #1058


Wheel Bearing R&R Tip: Distance Collar Mod ( ST1100 )

If you've ever had difficulty removing an ST's wheel bearings, it's usually because the Distance Collar is so tightly wedged that you can't move it enough to get at the bearing properly.  BTDT!... 

While you've got the Distance Collar out, grind a couple of notches on the ID of one end so that whatever driver/drift/rod you are using will have better purchase on the backside of the inner race of the bearing you're pounding out.  I don't have a Distance Collar handy so I used a piece of PVC pipe to simulate the real thing, and added some black marker for clarity:

You only have to do this to one end of the Distance Collar.  I recommend placing the notched end to the left side of ST1100 wheels, for consistency front and rear, and because the rear wheel's right side bearing is a double-row type.  The double-row bearing will be easier to remove after the left side, single-row bearing is out.


Thank You again for your contribution Paul Kolbo, STOC #273 and John OoSTerhuis, STOC #1058
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