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EURO Style 4-way and PIAA Switch Install ( ST1100 ) *
« on: May 18, 2008, 02:52:11 PM »
EURO Style 4-way and PIAA Switch Install

I finally got around to installing some new switches for my 4-ways and PIAAs.  I previously had a 4-way hazard toggle switch VELCROed inside the left compartment cargo bay, but it was a pain fumbling to find it.  Also, the PIAA switch as supplied with the harness and 910's was inside the left cargo bay too.  I decided to move them out to the left side just above my knee.

I followed some guidelines I found on another STOCer's * webshot page, "number9r6".  Not 100% sure who it is.  I also am going to post some pictures from that webshot page for added clarity. Hopefully "number9r6" won't mind.
    *(later identified as STOC'er Jason Spradlin, STOC 5043)

I purchased the parts from Zanotti Motor Co., Inc. at

35160-MZ9-900  Switch Assy., Hazard - $9.14

35170-MAJ-T10  Switch, RR Fog - $9.14

64227-MY3-780ZA  Plate, NH285 - $19.23 ( in foreground of picture )

I created a template from cardboard by measuring the bezel with some calipers.  
The hole is approximately 1.0 inch by 2.5 inch.

The plate that holds the switches has 4 notches that also need cut out.  You can see these marks on the template.

I then used the template to mark the left pocket assembly.  I wanted the switches as close to the cargo bay door as possible and also keep it on the flat area of the pocket.  The bezel is made to mount flat.

I then marked the left side pocket and then drilled 1/4 inch holes as close as I could to the outline.

I then used some sharp wire cutters and snipped between the holes.

Using several size files and also a right angle grinder I carefully cleaned up the hole until the bezel snapped into place without breaking off the brittle tabs.  Patience is the name of the game here.  You need to take your time and keep trying the bezel until you are sure it will fit.  Too small is a lot better than too BIG !!!!!!

Once I was able to snap in the bezel and switches, I felt it would be more secure to go ahead and use 5 minute epoxy to secure the bezel in place.  The C-clamp was used to make a tight fit between the bezel and left side pocket.  After the epoxy dried, I removed the C-clamp and continued to epoxy the bezel all the way around.

View of switches mounted in bezel.

End result is a nice clean installation of the bezel and switches and a tight fit with the left side pocket.

Another view also showing a John Deer connector for my WIDDER electric vest.


Each of the EURO switches came with connectors.  I was unable to use these and snipped them off saving enough wire to someday use them for another farkle.  

The 4-way hazard switch has 3 wires.  Since my motorcycle was already wired previously for 4-ways, it was just a matter of connecting the 3 wires into the harness.  The center wire from the switch goes to the 4-way FLASHER, and each of the remaining wires goes to the LEFT and RIGHT turn signals.  I wired the 4-ways to work straight from the battery.  It could be wired either way, up to you as to your preference.

The rear fog switch, I used in place of the PIAA supplied switch.  The PIAA supplied switch has a small push button switch and a dual color LED ( GREEN and RED ) to indicate whether the lights are ON or OFF.  I snipped off the connector and wired it on the EURO switch so that it would plug and play with the PIAA supplied harness.  I have another indicator I mounted just above the headlamp adjuster knob.  The PIAA supplied switch didn't appear to me to be waterproof so I always had it VELCROed inside the left cargo bay to keep the weather out.

I have another toggle switch still inside the left cargo bay. Some states have different laws in regards to PIAAs and DRIVING lights as to whether they are permitted with HIGH or LOW beams.  I was never sure if I wanted the PIAAs ON with the HIGH or LOW beams.  This toggle switch allows me to chose when they are ON.  I may someday move it.  I also have small. yellowish driving lights under the headlamp.  They are also controlled by this toggle switch.  They are 180 degrees out from the PIAAs.  

Depending on the setting of this toggle switch I can do the following:

TOGGLE Switch Position #1

BEAM                     PIAAs           DRIVING LIGHTS
HIGH                       ON                OFF
LOW                       OFF               ON

TOGGLE Switch Position #2

BEAM                     PIAAs           DRIVING LIGHTS
HIGH                       OFF               ON
LOW                       ON                 OFF

It is electrically impossible to have BOTH PIAAs and DRIVING lights ON at the same time. My guess is this would be ILLEGAL in all 50 states !!!!

I have a second toggle switch also remaining inside the left cargo bay.  It controls the PIAAs to turn OFF when the bike is in NEUTRAL. My thinking there is if I am in the city and stopped at a light, with bike in NEUTRAL, the PIAAs should be OFF.  I know, I know, this is debatable, but the way I chose to wire it up. This switch is used so I can turn ON the lights even when in NEUTRAL for trouibleshooting.

Happy Farkling !!!!!!!!!!!!


Article contributed by Tom Melnik, STOC #346
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