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Ignition Key Code Info ( ST1100 ) *
« on: May 18, 2008, 03:04:15 PM »
Originally posted by John OoSTerhuis (STOC 1058) with his (& our) thanks to ST1100 LiSTers Dave Wooster (STOC 3480), Mike Martin (STOC 663), and Whit Brown (STOC 340).


Edit: September 2021. Honda keysí part numbers updated.

There are two key types for the ST1100 ignition and its other locks:

Type 1, Honda part: 35121-MT3-670 35121-KW3-771/ KEY, BLANK (TYPE1), three digit key code starts with 'A' or 'B', key cross-section:
Ilco key blank: X84-HD74 [also: X87-SUZ11], Curtis key blank: HD-74

Type 2, Honda part: 35122-MT3-670 35122-KW3-771/ KEY, BLANK (TYPE2), three digit key code starts with 'C' or 'D', key cross-section:
Ilco key blank: X138-HD75, Curtis key blank: HD-75

Honda dealers should be able to make a replacement/duplicate key for your ST1100 given just its three digit key code.

IINM some later models don't have the code stamped directly on their keys, but all ST1100s have the key code stamped on the curved portion of at least three of its lock cylinders: fuel door lock, pocket fairing cover lock, and the ignition lock.  In each case there is a five or six character string stamped into the metal, and the key code appears as the last three characters.

Given that the second and third digits of the key codes have always been reported by ST1100 owners to be numbers instead of letters, and considering the fairly large number of ST1100s produced during the 14 year production run, your ST1100 ignition key will work in more than a few other ST1100s worldwide.  Assuming the use of '00' with all four letters (A00-A99, B00-B99... etc.) for the key codes, as each group of 400 ST1100s were manufactured the key codes used started over again.

Note: the Hondaline ST1100 accessories topboxes use an entirely different type key.

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