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Hondaline Topcase Latch/Lock Replacement ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, November 07, 2008, 06:14:42 PM

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This post can also be seen in PDF format at:
Latch Replace Hondaline ST1100 Topbox.pdf (2.6 meg )



    I have a Hondaline ST1100 topbox without any keys (purchased used).


The lock was made by a German Company (Sudhaus) and there were no blanks available through the local Honda dealers or via a locksmith. Without a key blank they couldn’t cut a key. The key is an odd shaped one and has various numbers stamped on them, from as low as SN 1 to as high as SN16 have been reported. Do not know how many different numbered keys there were. Most of the keys only had two teeth with the horizontal slot being in different locations and one to three slots cut into the key. It also has a horizontal bevel on the top back side of the key.

Very odd key!


Posted a request for a key on, an international website for ST owners, and had a reply from Phil Sunley in the UK. He didn’t have a key for his topbox and Honda suggested he get a lock from Hepco & Becker and replace the Sudhaus lock. He informed me that he purchased it from Motobins in the UK. Hepco & Becker is also a Geman company. The site for Motobins cycle is:

I looked them up and they still carried the lock PN 94563 and keys for 10 lbs Sterling or $16.95 US dollars each plus shipping:

PN:  94563 installed with pop rivets like original

PN:  94565 installed with small nuts and bolts  

For PN 94565 the price is 11.50 Sterling or $19.49 US Dollars again add shipping. Some credit cards charge an exchange rate so you might check that also.

Also had Don Bernhard from San Antonio who needed keys for his topbox.

He found the U.S. distributor:

Eurotech Motorsports who only “wholesale” the Hepco & Becker line, their site is (530) 345-7145 Located in California.

Their PN:  700.104   Price:  $21.50 Each US Dollars  

But when you look up the lock/key on their website you can click on a “where to buy” button and all the dealers in the U.S. come up and you can find some of them in your area. I found a half dozen or so in the Dallas area. Called one of them:

RPM Cycle    2575 Southwell,  Ste. 101    Dallas, Tx    (972) 620-3883

Their PN: 700.104 is the same as Eurotech.  Price was $21.50 and they could order the lock and have it in five days. The new latch will fit as verified via pictures with the member in the UK. The UK member used the PN 94565 and installed with bolts/lock nuts. The Hepco & Becker lock looks to be more secure as the key is more complex than the Sudhaus key. Each latch comes with a key and the latches can be ordered keyed alike. Replacement keys are also available as well as just the lock portion only. Replacement keys are $9.50.


I decided to use a dremel tool and cut off the back side of the Pop Rivets inside the topbox next to the washers. Then pulled the lock off from the outside. Just slip in a small screwdriver between the lock and case and it pulls right off. No real pressure required. The washers will be stuck to the inside of the box but pry off easily and the pop rivets will drop out of lock from the front. You can also drill off the head of the pop rivet and remove the latch.



The new lock/latches have the pop rivet holes horizontal instead of the left one being offset lower. When I aligned up the lock for fitting with a pop rivet temporarily installed from the backside, the hole on right side aligned and when closed supplied enough pressure on the rubber seal for the lid to remain watertight.

Install pop rivet in the right side, (be sure and install a washer on backside or inside of the box) drill the left side hole and install it’s pop rivet. My pop rivet tool didn’t have a long nose so sufficient pressure could be placed on the head of the rivet for proper seating. I purchased one locally fairly cheap but still the tool would not put pressure on the head of the rivet. Used a couple of small nuts that just slipped over the nail of the pop rivet and that allowed pressure to be applied to the head of the rivet. You need about a ¼ in. spacer so pop rivet tool will seat the pop rivet. If you had some type of metal tube you could slide it down over the nail portion of the pop rivet. There’s not a lot of space between the head of the pop rivet and the vertical bar of the lock.


Put a little Silicone Seal RTV on the inside of the box in the old unused hole so water doesn’t leak in and the installation is complete.

Don Grimes
STOC #1285

John OoSTerhuis

RIP Don.

In the USA, as of Mar 2014, it looks like Motomachines carries carries the Hepco latches. Looks to be one of these:

Regards, John
John OoSTerhuis STOC 1058
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Bettendorf, Iowa
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