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Originally posted by Jeff Bertrand:

Seems like I was answering a lot of PM questions about my comm system configuration.  I decided that a picture is worth a 1000 words and so I produced this diagram for future reference.

Jeff later added:

The StarCom - Zumo specific cables come with isolators integral to them.  In the case of the radar detector, I bought the Escort motorcycle cable with integral GFI transformer.  I could not hear any RD alerts at all without the GFI transformer in-line.

In reply to a question about brackets to use with the Zumo, Joe Urban says look here:

Question from Jim Henke:

What are you using for a "2-way radio"? And is it powered off the bike? If so, it's interesting to note you didn't need an isolated (GFI?) cable for the 2-way.

Response from Jeff Bertrand:

I'm using a Kenwood FRS radio running on battery power. No need for isolation if one device is on batts. I can run this radio all the way to WeSTOC and back on one set of 3 AA cells so never bothered with bike power.
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