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Paint Codes, USA\UK, 1990-2002 ( ST1100 ) *
« on: March 28, 2009, 04:17:40 PM »
Worldwide Honda ST1100 Colors:
[with thanks to Martin Brunner]

Code         Nomenclature

--------        -------------------------
B142P     Pearl Atlantis Blue
B162M    Metallic Blue
G137M    Grand Green Metallic
G140R    Blackish Green
G142M    Tazmanian Green
NH1         Black
NH1Z      Black-Z
NH1R      Black
NH123L    Midnight Grey
NH214     Feather Grey
NH284M    Euro Grey Metallic
NH285      Gusto Gray (lower fairing, etc)
NH295M    Sparkling Silver Metallic
PB257M    Lapis Blue Metallic
R101CU    Candy Glory Red
R114CU    Candy Wineberry Red
R158P      Pure Pearl Red
R170P      Pearl Ardent Red
R171R      Apple Red
R178P      Pearl Mulberry Red
R275C       Candy Ambassador Red
RP103CU    Candy Tropical Night Purple
YR166      Apple Beige (lower fairing, etc)


USA colors:
'90?    Black *NH1Z*
'91:    Black *NH1Z* & Sparkling Silver Metallic *NH295M*
'92:    Candy Glory Red *R101CU*
'93:    Candy Glory Red *R101CU*
'94:    Black *NH1Z*
'95:    Pure Pearl Red *R158P*
'96:    Pure Pearl Red *R158P*
'97:    Pure Pearl Red *R158P*
'98:    Black *NH1Z*
'99:    Black *NH1Z*
'00:    Candy Wineberry *R114CU*
'01:    Candy Wineberry *R114CU*
'02:    Candy Wineberry *R114CU*

UK colors:
'02:    Candy Ambassador Red  *R275C*

   Gusto Gray *NH285* (lower fairing, etc)
SEM ColorCoat Flexible Coating # 15303 Graphite is a dead on match and very durable

For the gray fairings parts, I've used SEM brand #39213, Honda Gray

The following paint is a perfect match for the ST1100's rims:
Dupli-Color # TY 01605 Antique Sage Pearl

Comments by Bob Peloquin STOC #3445:
I tried to find the wheel paint mentioned, Dupli-Color # TY 01605
Antique Sage Pearl at local auto parts stores.  They had it only in
the touch-up bottles and I needed a larger area.

I went to an auto-paint distributor and they looked up the Dupli-Color # TY 01605
Antique Sage Pearl and matched it to 2000 Toyota color 1B2.
Their paint chip book showed that it was FAR from a good match.

They used their paint identification camera system on my front wheel
to determine the exact color it really was.  It turns out to be a
standard Honda automotive color, coded JE5636 A   Silver Stone.  I had
a 400 ml (13.5 oz) spray can made up for $14.99 which should to
touch-ups for my bike and all my friends for the next several years.


Comment from David Wooster:
The black '91 code differs from the later black code; it is NH1 instead of NH1Z.  The difference may have to do with the use of lacquer-type paint for the black '91 whereas the later models, such as the black '94, used urethane-type paint.  This would affect your entries for '90 and '91.  But it would not affect the actual color of the paint because to a painter, there is only one black color, as far as I know.


Modified January 9, 2011:  Added UK color code for 2002 model.
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