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Posted by Steve Wendelboe, STOC 1009:

For those of us who have seen the light, Garmin nows has a Mac version (Beta) of the POI loader software available.

All usual disclaimers apply.


Posted by "moriaki" :

Whilst this may not be pertinent for the US. Check out the following site: for a great POI share should you desire coming to this side of the pond for a ride about.

It covers speed cameras, petrol stns, supermarkets, restaurants, and you name it. Be careful not to have too many on the go as it slows the GPS down.

It also allows you to upload POIs and new speed cameras, etc


Posted by Joe Diego:

You have to register, but it's free. Lots of good stuff.


Posted by Joe Norris:

U.S. Honda Dealer POIs

The Zumo will handle folder directories but has a limitation on how many gpx files can be in a directory so I broke
these out into two.

Honda Dealers A-M  =
Honda Dealers N-W =


Posted by Steve Wendelboe, STOC 1009:

There are a few shareware apps out there to do exactly this. One of these is POIEdit ( ).
One thing, IMO, that you should do is save the created POI files in the exchange (.gpx) format. That way TomTom etc. users can use them as well. HTH


Posted by Joe Norris:

MC Camping/Cabins POIs

Here's one for some popular Motorcycle Camping/Cabin locations.

MC Camps n Cabins =


BMW Dealers

If you need tires, chances are you might be able to get some at a BMW dealer so, here are some as well as independents.

Independent BMW Motorcycle Shops for ZUMO =
BMW US and Canada Dealers for ZUMO =


Posted by Bill Parker:

Updated Honda Dealers A-M

I updated a couple of places in the Daytona Beach area. Figured it would probably good to do so since so many go to Daytona for Biketoberfest and Bike Week. Changes to the zip file and only in FL are:

1. Removed Jim Walker Honda on Ridgewood Avenue--it no longer exists because it was bought out by and moved to

2. Added Cycle World of Daytona which bought out Jim Walker and moved it from Ridgewood Ave to Bellevue Ave just west of I-95 and a block south of 92 (International Blvd).

Anyway, for what it's worth, here is the file.

Honda Dealers A-M:


Posted by Joe Norris:

POI's and a little help/info. please...

This page on Garmin has a lot of info and a selection to see if your unit supports POI loading.

This is a way to get 'custom' POIs grouped in files, not just the ones that are part of your units base map.

POI's are simply locations. Routes are the entire route and are typically .gdb files which you'll see when you get your unit and Mapsource software. Those gdb files you download to your unit.

All of this will make more sense as you get used to it... and you'll wonder how you ever lived without one,..
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