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Touch-up Paint ( ST1100 )
« on: April 05, 2009, 02:18:25 PM »
Original article can be viewed here:

Submitted by Mike Martin.


Touch-up Paint

The gray areas on the bike (fairing pockets, lower fairing, tip-over wing covers, etc.) can be repainted with SEMŽ Color Coat Flexible Coating #15303 Graphite. This is a spray paint you can obtain from automobile paint stores. (Thanks, Tim Shevlin.)

You can touch up the gray wheels using plasti-koteŽ Toyota #3237 (Toyota paint code 1B2), a perfect match (thanks, Rob Parker), or SF GM 435, a "pretty close" match, though a bit light. Wal-Mart in my area has a smaller selection of the plasti-koteŽ touch-up paints. Their closest match is plasti-koteŽ Dark Gray Metallic, VTU-87 for a one-ounce bottle, VP-87 for an eleven-ounce aerosol can. However, I haven't tried this one, but the paint sample chip looks like a good match.

The corresponding Dupli-ColorŽ products for the Toyota paint code 1B2 are TY01605 for the 1/2 ounce touch up Scratch Fix and 8801605 for the 5 ounce spray can.(Thanks, Mark Machin.)

Now if you have to re-paint the entire wheel, that Toyota touch-up paint color is from two vehicles: the 1997 Land Cruiser and the 1997 - 2001 Camry. Toyota color is: TOY 00258-00-1B2 - Antique Sage Pearl Metallic, and it is a clear-coat/base coat color. (Thanks for this info, Denny Drury). Just have your local auto paint store supply you with your needs.

Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for touch-up for gold wheels on earlier ABS bikes.


Chuck Chiodini submitted some great information about duplicating the textured surfaces on the ST:

To re-texture and re-paint the textured surfaces on a ST I used SEM #39853 "Texture Coating" the texture produced varies with the spraying distance and finger control so you'll have to practice a lot to get the texture correct. I found a very light coat from 20" away and then lightly sanded with 150 grit paper reproduces the finish so closely that you can't tell the difference from 3' away. Practice makes perfect.

To restore the color to the lowers, I used SEM #39213 "Honda Gray Bumper Coater" an exact match for my '91 and a '94 & '92 I worked on. SEM products are usually available at most auto paint supply stores.

The saddlebag covers are a prime example of a piece of motorcycle plastic that is far cheaper to repair than replace. Cracks and missing pieces can even be fixed for far less $$$ that buying new.

Happy to answer any questions you might have.


In case you are having trouble finding plasti-koteŽ products, Doug, in Tennessee, got this response from the manufacturer:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Plasti-Kote. You will find our automotive products at Pep Boys, Carquest, Advance Auto, Big "A" Auto, and Discount Auto parts stores in your area. For individual automotive purchases, through the manufacturer, please send the part number needed along with a check or money order of $3.50 for each 1 oz jar Scratch Touch-up(#3000-#4820), $5.50 for each 6 oz. can Touch-up Car Color (#5200-#9099), and $7.00 for each 11 oz can Truck and Sport Utility (#1500-#1599) with $4.00 for shipping and handling to: PLASTI-KOTE CO., 1000 LAKE ROAD, MEDINA, OH 44256, ATTN: CUSTOMER SERVICE

The Plasti-Kote website and the phone number at the Medina, OH, facility is 800-431-5928. Please note that the prices mentioned are subject to change.

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