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Question by Keith B. Tidrick:

I am considering upgrading the front springs on SequenT and would like to know which springs our eSTeemed liSTers prefer, and why?

I am aware of Hyperpro, Works, Progressive and Sonic(I think -?) as potential options.

Are there others that I should review? Also, I am limited to about $150 (+/-) "investment capital"...


Comments by Mark:

I have HyperPro because at the time sonicsprings didn't have standard ST1100 springs listed on their website.
I think that has been corrected and as the sonicsprings were about 1/2 the cost of the HyperPro I would go them if I had it to do over.

Cost only... I'm completely happy with the HyperPro front springs and my HyperPro rear shock and spring.


Comments by Martin:

Don't know if any of those springs are straight rate springs, but for the most part, suspension specialists avoid using progressive springs and choose straight rate with the proper spring rate when building up a set of forks.

Don't underestimate the importance of getting your sag set properly.  It will require you to install the springs and oil at the proper levels and getting on the bike for some measurements.  But once you've done that, you should only need to open up the forks one more time to make the necessary spacer length corrections.


Comments by Dale Wilson, aka Warchild:

Some of the very best you can get are the Eibach fork springs.

Call GP Suspension up and talk to Dave or Ben. They are about as good as it gets when it comes to Suspension work. They just finished up a HUGH group buy for the FJRForum a couple weeks ago, and they are absolutely legend in the WERA and AMA Pro Racing communities.


Comments by Robert Bashaw:

Some years ago I replaced the STock springs on my ST1100A2 with the straight rate ones from Race Tech.

I got a good price and excellent service from the folks at the California Sport Touring dot com.


Comments by Tom Melnik:

I changed out my front springs with Progressive Suspension springs within the first year I had my 1996 ST1100.  There's a complete write up in the AOW section here:   I also changed the fork oil to 10 weight. Firmed up the front end to my liking.

The Progressive Suspension web page is here:


Comments by Matt Rychtanek:

I did my 91 with Sonic's. They are straight rate springs. Email or call Rich Desmond and he will recommend a rate based on your weight, load, and riding style. I am very happy with them and would buy from them again.

I also went up to straight 10w oil with the spring swap.

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