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Tank Bag Deflector ( ST1100 ) *
« on: May 02, 2009, 09:11:16 AM »
Saw this on another forum, thought I would give a try at making one.  I too have been embarrassed by tooting my horn in a parking lot with my Eclipse© tank bag


Tank Bag Deflector

Started out with a piece of 1/16" by 1.5" by 1.5" aluminum angle stock.

Front View                                                                                       

Side View

Rear View                                                                                         

Top View

Bottom View                                                                                     

Edge View

Mounted:  Looking down                                                                   

Mounted:  Side view

Showing clearance to Tank Shelter
NOTE:  Be careful to check this and bend up out of way before turning bars and scratching plastic.

Bars turned right

Mounted:  Side view showing bracket bent up for more clearance.


After filing, sanding and polishing with Scotch©, I then painted it to match.

The top coat paint was:   SEM ©, Urethane Bumper Coater, #39213, Honda Gray.
The primer was:              R-M ©, Prime Etch, AM700, Light Gray.


I may make a mirror image for the right side to protect the starter button.

Thanks for taking a look.

Submitted by Tom Melnik
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Re: Tank Bag Deflector ( ST1100 )
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2009, 09:11:46 AM »
Original article can be viewed here:

Submitted by Mike Martin.


No-Beep Tank Bag Deflector

If you use a tank bag, have you ever been embarassed by the horn honking when you make a sharp left turn? Here's what I did to prevent that.

I fabricated some aluminum brackets from 1/8" thick stock strap 2" wide and 3" long. I removed material to make an "L" shape with each leg 5/8" wide. I drilled a hole for mounting it, and bent it as the pictures show. All corners and edges were carefully radiused for safety.

I went ahead and made a pair for symmetry. Now, no more beeps! This was one of the first farkles I made when I bought my bike in 1996.

Note: If your bike doesn't have raised handlebars, the guards might hit the top shelter at full steering lock. Perhaps the design can be revised to provide clearance.

Here's a sketch and some photos:

© 2003 M. E. Martin, All rights reserved