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Tank Bag Hydration System (ST1100\ST1300)
« on: May 06, 2009, 07:56:09 PM »
Original text and photos here:

Submitted by Jon Ransom

Tank Bag Hydration System

I got tired of everything in my tankbag sloshing around as I rode or carried it off the bike.  Most important of the contents is my digital camera when I take it along.  Also, I don't like wearing a CamelBakİ backpack, so I decided to incorporate the bladder into my foam design.

The white foam is quite dense, almost like Styrofoamİ and is almost 2-1/4" thick.
The gray foam is much softer and is just over 2-3/4" thick.

Cutting the foam was quite easy once I employed the correct tool--an electric carving knife!
My wife isn't real keen on receiving it as a gift...I don't get it.    ;)

I used the Marseeİ Ultra Pocket QL Tank Bag 35L purchased from Sierra Trading Post for about $80:,78114_Marsee-Ultra-Pocket-QL-Motorcycle-Tank-Bag-35L.html


Photo #1:
In case the bladder ever leaks, it goes on the lower level.  I also cut a path for the tube.

Photo #2:
For the next level, I managed to filet the white from into ~1" thick halves.

Photo #3:

Half stays intact as the barrier above the bladder, while the other half will serve as part of the upper level.

Photo #4:
From bottom to top...
The intact ~1" half; 
The other ~1" half with cutouts for my gear; 
Full thickness grey foam cut to match the upper white half.

Photo #5:
As shown...
The left slot holds the Zumo 550;
The camera spot is obvious;
The lower spot is for my prescription, reading, and sunglasses;
The rest just hold misc junk I carry.

Photo #6:

All of it stacked, including the lower/bladder layer.
It's far from perfect, as the bladder layer is a bit larger.

Photo #7:

All of it in the tankbag.

Photo #8:

Zips closed just fine with all of it in.

Photo #9:

Without the bladder layer, it sits lower and will accommodate even more misc junk.

Thanks Jon.
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