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Headlight Bulb Replacement ( ST1100 ) **
« on: May 10, 2009, 02:48:14 PM »
Submitted by Tom Melnik:

From the Honda Service Manual, ( Chapter 21, Page 3 ):

Bulb Replacement:

  • Remove the middle fairing inner cover ( Chapter 2, Page 8 ).
  • Disconnect the connector and remove the dust cover.
  • Remove the bulb by removing the bulb retainer.
  • Install a new headlight bulb.

Illustration provided by Don Feyma, STOC 237:

Caution:  If you touch the bulb with your bare hands, clean it with a cloth moistened with alcohol to prevent early failure.


Middle Fairing Inner Cover Removal:

  • Disconnect the speedometer cable from the front wheel by removing the cable set screw.
  • Remove the two trim clips from the middle fairing by pulling them out.
  • Remove the six screws  and the middle fairing inner cover.


Comments by Ted Norris, STOC #658:
If you take the long part of the spring when it's open and pull it as far as you can past center line of the reflector hole it will take some of the tension off and the spring and it will be about 80% easier to get out of the locking detent on the bulb base, if someone has a light laying around maybe they can post a pic, there is NO reason for that spring to have that much tension on it, trust me, it works great, push the end over and it will pop out.


Photo and text courtesy of Scott Finn, STOC 4752:


Alternate method without removing any plastic.
Author Unknown:

Note: you do have to have a certain degree of dexterity with each hand.

1)  With the bike on the center stand, I turned the handlebars
to full lock RIGHT.

2)  I used my LEFT hand, reached in, past the vanity cover and fork tubes and
accessed the boot that seals the bulb (it's a straight shot!). This is the
second hardest part about doing this - with the forefinger and middle
finger, pull the tab on the bottom of the boot firmly until it releases.

3) Then just push the retainer wire IN and UP (counter clock-wise). From
this angle, it's easy.

4) Remove old bulb.

5) Now (this can be the HARDEST part of this operation) push the retainer
wire out of the way and hope it STAYS there. Insert new bulb. This is
fairly easy (unless you're wrestling with the retainer wire too:-). To
align properly to 'seat' the bulb, simply look into the front of the
headlight, and you clearly see where the 'dark' is, and move the bulb in the
direction of the 'dark' area in the center of the reflector. You will feel
it when it's right.

6) Swing retainer wire back to position, push IN and DOWN (clock-wise).

7) Replace boot. Plug it in. YOU'RE DONE. With one, that is.

Repeat the steps for the left bulb, using your RIGHT hand for that side, and
turning the handlebars full lock LEFT.

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