Author Topic: Zumo XM Antenna (GXM30) Location Under Plastic ( ST1100 ) *  (Read 4900 times)

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Original photos and text can be viewed here:

Submitted by Jon Ransom, STOC 063


The Zumo and its XM antenna had been installed on the handlebar, but I moved the Zumo to a dash shelf and just
recently moved the antenna under the dash inside the bike's nose.

The antenna used to be mounted on the handlebar along with the Zumo.

Scrap metal for a mounting point.

Temp fit of the location.

With it out of sight under the tupperware, I don't trust it to stay put on magnetic hold I put in one screw.

Had tried with the bracket flat, but the antenna protruded too much.

And this shows it tucked in tighter with the bent bracket.

This is its final home.

It still protrudes a bit, but it all buttons up just fine.

Now the dash is free of the antenna...and it's no longer in view to tempt thieves.
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