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Floppy Saddlebag Fix ( ST1100 ) *
« on: May 21, 2009, 07:28:13 AM »
Original article can be viewed here:

written by Ron Kerlin, STOC 2435.

Floppy Saddlebag Fix

For a very quick and easy fix for the infamous floppy saddlebags,
just follow these simple steps:

    1.  Remove the bags, and unscrew the rubber bumpers from the bag.

    2.  Using instant glue, glue the bumper onto the bag, leaving out
        the hardware.
        (scuff both the bag and the rubber bumper with fine sandpaper
        to ensure a good adhesion.

    3.  Put the bag back on the bike, and carefully drill a 5/16" hole
        thru the fender, using the existing hole in the bag as a guide. (As the
        soft fender doesn't drill cleanly, you may need to deburr the hole by hand,
        using a 1/2" drillbit as a deburring tool)

    4.  Purchase (2) 1/4" bolts, 1-1/2" long, (4) washers, and (2)
        wingnuts, all stainless.

    5.  Insert bolts thru the hole you just drilled, with a washer on the inside
         of the bag, and a washer and wingnut on the inside of
         the fender.

    6.  Tighten just finger tight, and your bag is now free from
         moving around.
         Also, your bag will not fall off the bike if you forget to
         latch the lock!

Save your old hardware, in case you wish to put the bags back to
their original configuration.


An alternate method by Charlie Woods, STOC 002:

Floppy saddlebags can be fixed with a short bungee cord (app. 12 inches).
    Simply place the bungee cord behind the rear fender and attach each end
    to the inside foot on the bottom of the saddlebag.

NOTE: you may have to bend the wire part of the bungee cord open a little.

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