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Datelİ Voltmeter Sources and Mounting examples

Comments by Tom Melnik, STOC 346:

You want only 1 digit to the right of decimal.

+8.0 to +40.0Vdc    

Red LED Display



+8.0 to +40.0Vdc    

Blue LED Display



You may also choose to use a bezel:


Mounting Bezel W/Gasket

Price: $6.00

The mounting hole must be exact, even with a bezel.  Use a small file and take your time.  Make sure to download the appropriate datasheet to get the mounting hole dimensions.


Sources: ( best prices )


Comments by Joe Zulaski, STOC 929:

I had a Datel Voltmeter on my ST1100 and on my ST1300.  However, I didn't like where I installed it on my ST1300 and am going to look for a different place on this latest ST1300.

I installed it in the left speaker plastic mesh on the last one but found that I couldn't see it without moving my head to look around the left handlebar.  That was annoying.

I see where Martin said he put it below one of his side pockets.  Well, I might be able to do that on the right side but the left side has my Hondaline Heated grip controller there.

I saw where Adam K. made a little box for his and put it up under his dash shelf (which is another thing I need to get).  I was just going to get one of the dash shelves that I helped design with Ron Smith and Roy Fletcher but, that's been delayed somewhat.


Comments by WJ Bertrand, STOC 025:

I installed my Datelİ under the dash lip where the little vent is at the upper left, opposite the SmarTire monitor on the right side.  There's enough of a flat spot to stick it there.  I just used some black super Velcroİ stuff from Rat Shack.  No need for the bezel in this case, not an elegant installation but easy to see and no permanent holes cut anywhere in the plastic.  I'll try to post a photo.

I've only had the damn thing mounted there for a few days and on the way home last night it started displaying wildly variable voltages, flickered a couple of times and went dark.  Great.  To my surprise it would briefly try to come on again when I tapped on it.  A little investigation in the garage revealed that both of the screws had fallen out of the back of the unit.  I distinctly recall tightening them and I rode my ST1100 with an identical meter installed for tens of thousands of miles without that happening.

A little scrounging about produced some replacement screws from my stash along with a tube of LocTiteİ.


Comments by Martin Belef, STOC 4148:

I much prefer the one with the higher resolution.  

I have mine mounted relatively low about 4 inches or so below the right fairing pocket on my 1100 so unless I turn my head down to check it, it's not the least bit distracting.  For me, I found that the lower resolution one just didn't look balanced.  There was always this dead space to the far left of the display that looked like something should be lit up there.  I returned it for the higher resolution version and have been very happy ever since.  I also like to know just how close I am to the tenth.  In other words, is my system really at 14.3 volts for instance, or closer to 14.25?  Maybe that's being a bit anal, but since I like filling that space on the display and it's mounted where it's not a distraction, I like it.  

I like mounting things that don't require fiddling with on the right side of the bike because I usually don't remove my hand from the throttle anyway.  So that made mounting the Datel on the right a natural choice.  That leaves the left free for knobs and switches and stuff.  I have to look down a bit and sometimes move my arm a bit, but that's fine with me.  I'd prefer not to have it higher up where it might become distracting.  I'm not obsessed with staring at it.  And when I feel the need to check it, it's easy enough to do.

Oh, did I mention that if you're using a relay to turn the meter on and off with the ignition, if you'd like, you can install a small momentary push switch that can activate the relay so that you can instantly check battery voltage without the ignition on?

I haven't done it yet, but you'd wire up a relay to power the Datel just as if the Datel were some horns.  But make the power going to the 85 terminal from a switched source rather than the horn button.  (Of course.)  Make the leads going to and from the #30 and #87 terminals large enough so you don't have any voltage drops and the Datel reads what the battery is reading.  (Don't forget the fuse for the lead from the positive terminal.)  That gets you a meter that goes on with the ignition.


Comments by Thane Silliker, STOC 730:

I also like the four digit meters, with two digits after the decimal.  I have one on my ST and KLR, and both are in full view when I am riding them.  Doesn't seem distracting at all.


Comments by Whitster:

I had one on my last ST. I suggest the model with only one digit after the decimal. The far right digit becomes a blur as it's reading out to .01 volts. This is approaching a lab-quality instrument. We don't need that much accuracy. Readouts to .1 volt is plenty.

Also I found mine to be brighter than I wanted and a bit distracting, especially at night.


Comments by Martin Belef, STOC 4148:

True about not needing the extra accuracy.  But I just didn't like the look of the 3 digit model.  I looked like there was something missing and burned out in the display.  I'd certainly go with a three digit model but only if it wasn't as wide so that the numbers filled the display area instead of having a permanently blank spot on the display.


Mounting example by Don Feyma, STOC 237:

I mounted my Datelİ under the dash shelf using 3M VHB double-sided foam tape.  After it cures it's about like welding it on. This picture is from my VSTrom but the ST dash shelf is essentially the same thing, so it would work equally as well.


Mounting example by WJ Bertrand, STOC 025:

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