Author Topic: Installing 2008 side covers on a 2003 ( ST1300 )  (Read 6647 times)

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Installing 2008 side covers on a 2003 ( ST1300 )
« on: May 28, 2009, 05:49:53 PM »
Original article by Joe Zulaski, STOC 929:

Installing 2008 side covers on a 2003

I don't have a bad heat issue with my ST1300 but, I decided it wouldn't hurt to add a couple lower side covers from a 2008 ST1300 to my 2003 ST1300. I think it makes it look cleaner.  Been meaning to do this for a year now but, never could find the time. Special thanks to Mark Reis for his help on this project.

This modification requires fabricating 3 small aluminum brackets for the left side. The right side was even easier requiring only removing the existing plastic battery cover and replacing it with the 2008 right lower side panel.

I did have to snip off one of the small posts (the rear one). We decided to just use Velcroİ instead of making another grommet bracket as it was easier. The front of the lower side panel gets sandwiched between the existing top side panel and its forward bolt hole when you screw in the existing hex bolt.

I measured and marked the aluminum for the brackets and Mark Reis cut them and drilled them out. Took a few hours just for the left side but, I like the results. I still need to re-add my two Powerletsİ to the left side panel (I had to remove the bracket holding them to get the lower side panel to fit). It's just a matter of drilling two hole big enough to hold the two Powerletsİ. Should be easy.


NOTE: Left click on pictures to get higher resolution at Webshots.

Here you can see both top brackets.

The front one is just a straight little thing with two hole on either side. One attaches to the top hole tab on the front of the side panel. It's other end gets sandwiched between the bolt hole and the original side panel.

The rear bracket is "L" shaped and attaches to the top rear hole tab on the side panel and the plastic fuse box.

Finished right side. This was the easiest side. Just needed to clip one post (the left one) and put velcro on it and the battery case and also slip the back tab into the existing hole for the tab on the original battery cover. The side panel forward hex bolt screws down onto the front hole and holds that in place.

Finished left side panel. This one was harder. We had to create three brackets: a Grommet bracket for the rear, a straight bracket with two holes for the front top hole on the side panel, and a little "L" shaped bracket for the second top hole on the side panel.

Locating the left side back bracket with grommet. You can also see the little "L" shaped bracket we made located on the fuse block area. It bolts into the rear hole tab on the side panel. The straight bracket attaches to the front hole tab on the side panel and then gets clamped between the front allen head bolt and the original top side panel.

Tapping a hole for the grommet bracket.

Screwing in the grommet bracket.


Additional comments by Joe Zulaski, STOC 929:
One thing I forgot to mention is that Honda must have moved the battery location slightly since 2003.  I noticed that the battery on Tom Loftus' 2007 model bike (which was there at Mark Reis' place) was located slightly higher than my 2003.

And, the 2008 right side cover panel seemed to agree with that in that it was taller than I needed.  No matter, we just plugged it in anyway and didn't worry about the fact that it was slightly angled down towards the back.

I could see how that these could be installed in any number of ways.  We just chose to do it this way.  As a matter of fact, I got the idea from another guy on our forum who had done this some time ago.  He did it slightly different but, basically it was similiar.
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Re: Installing 2008 side covers on a 2004 ( ST1300 )
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2009, 07:24:58 PM »
Information provided by Leo Palmer aka ligito, STOC 4669:


Another Installation without Drilling Frame

I took a different approach on my '04, I didn't drill my frame.

I attached to the fuse block tray on the back and reinforced the rubber deflector on the front, since the glue had come loose anyway.
They are not structural and will stay in place very well.

NOTE: Left click on photos for higher resolution at Webshots.

Clip added to fuse block tray.

This bracket goes between the battery tray and the frame.

Bracket added to fuse block tray.

Reinforced rubber deflector on the front.

Front view of rubber deflector.

Finished left side.
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