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Valve Stems - All Metal ( ST1100\ST1300 )
« on: May 28, 2009, 06:01:44 PM »
Valve Stems - All Metal

Statement by Bill Kramer, STOC 973:

I got this recommendation from another list.  Enkei makes several different styles of all metal valve stems.  I used their 45 degree style on my ST1300, and they have been there through a couple of tire changes.

The cheapest I have seen them is at

They are about $1.50 or less, so I bought a handful of several styles: short (3/4 inch), 45 degree and 90 degree.  I plan to install them on my GL1800 as well, may use the 90 degree style on the GL1800.

45 degree Enkei

90 degree Enkei

Short Enkei


Comments by WJ Bertrand, STOC 025:

I <had> a pair of the 45's. I had to give them up when I installed the Smartire. The bridge they provide so the band doesn't block the stem wasn't tall enough to clear the added interior hieght of the metal stem and the lock nuts.


Comments by John Oosterhuis, STOC 1058:

I've had a set of 45 Enkei installed on my 91 SSMST for almost 100k now, but I'm looking to change to their 85 model with the next tire change(s).  Finally ran across a gas station compressor nozzle enroute to WeSTOC this year that was very hard to get on my valves.

I'm also looking hard these 90 beauties by Ariete:

Anybody running these?  Care to comment on them? 


Comment by Bill Kramer, STOC 973:

While the fancier ones are great, I have two problems with them:

1.  Price: $30 each versus $1.  Nuf said.

2.  They won't work on my GL1800.  The GL has a raised rib, in the center of the rim that would interfere with that design. 
     I prefer keeping a small stock of stems that work on both of my bikes.


Comments by WJ Bertrand, STOC 025:

I've got them on STat, great stems and very easy to access.  Angle them to the right to make access easier when the bike is on the side stand.

Note that the ST's wheel also has a center rib (as do most bike wheels) but it is interrupted where the valve stem mounts.  I can't quite picture the situation on your GL1800.  Regardless of valve stem type there must be a flat, smooth area where they mount for sealing purposes.  The Ariete stems have no bigger foot print than the ubiquitous rubber stems that come fitted as OEM.


Comments by Bill Kramer, STOC 973:

On the wheel on a Wing, the valve stem area is lower than the rib.  On the ST, the stem area is raised to be even with the rib.  That being said, by orienting the valve stem as Jeff has done, the stem would likely clear the GL1800 rib.  I guess I was thinking the unit ran parallel with the rim, rather than perpendicular.

Thanks for pointing out that it would probably work.


Comment by Tom Melnik, STOC 346:

85deg - Enkei Metal Valve Stems

These can typically be found on ebay:
$9.99 a pair and only $2.00 S+H