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Roy Fletcher Dash Shelf ( ST1300 )
« on: May 29, 2009, 10:48:13 AM »
Roy Fletcher Dash Shelf

Roy should have some available now as of May 2009. Call Roy at 206-409-6048 or email him at: to order one.
I believe that they are $80 or $90 plus shipping.


Comments by Joe Zulaski, STOC #929:

Here are the installation instructions that I wrote when Ron Smith, Roy Fletcher, and I designed and built the first of our dash shelves.

I've updated it a bit to keep up with Roy's changes.

The main change Roy made was to do away with metal tube spacers under the dash shelf and use plastic tube spacers instead. This protects the stock plastic dash more and it requires less welding.


ST1300 Dash Shelf Installation Instructions:

NOTE:  Left click on pictures for high resolution at Webshots.

This shelf is designed to both strengthen the ST1300’s plastic dash and to provide a
mounting location for things like radar detectors, GPS’s, and walkmans. It’s very easy to
install and should only take you about ½ hour.

Your Dash kit should include the following parts:

  • 1 aluminum powder-coated dash.
  • 2 Allen-head bolts
  • 2 Phillips-head self-tapping screws
  • 2 channel clips
  • 1 internal support bracket
  • 1 bolt to hold the internal support bracket to the internal windshield rail

The first step is to remove your windshield:
1. Remove each of the four Phillips screws that hold the cover plates over the
    mounting hardware of the windshield.

2. Remove the four nuts under the windshield that hold the windshield brackets onto
    he mounting rails. Place the nuts aside – you will reuse these.

3. Remove the eight plastic push pins from the plastic dash cover. Save all of them
    but place the two that are on the very top of the dash aside in a safe place. These
    will be replaced with Allen head bolts to hold the new dash on.

4. Remove the four self-tapping screws from the front of the plastic dash and set
    aside. You will reuse the lower two screws but the upper two will be replaced
    with two longer screws.

5. Now you can carefully remove the top plastic dash cover.

6. Carefully press the two channel retaining clips onto the two plastic tabs where the
    plastic push pins used to poke through (see below). Make sure that the two Allenhead
    bolts thread easily into the channel clips. Do NOT push the channel clips
    too far upon the plastic tabs as you will need to be able to align the threaded holes
    with the holes in the plastic dash top cover.

7. Now take the internal support bracket and align the two holes on each end with
    the holes at the top of the windshields railing. You will have to remove one bolt
    but will reuse it when you mount the support bracket. While you are aligning and
    installing this bracket, be sure to check the alignment of the two holes in the center-top
    of the bracket with the two channel clips.

NEW NOTE: If you have spacer washers, put them between the stiffener bracket and
the windshield rails. This will spread the bracket out to the sides more.
Here is another angle.

8. As you tighten the side bolts, align the support bracket holes with the channel clip
    holes. You may need to pinch the bracket back towards the plastic dash face as
    shown below.

9. Replace the plastic dash cover on top of the dash and over the internal support
    bracket. Align the holes in the plastic dash cover with the holes in the channel
    clips below and the holes in the support bracket. You may again need to press the
    plastic dash face up towards the dash cover and the cover toward the face.

10. Carefully line up the plastic push pins with the holes in the dash cover and the
     corresponding holes on the dash face plate. Press the push pins in and secure
     them. All except for the top two push pins. These will be replaced with the
     Allen-head bolts.

11. Now, take the dash shelf and align the two round posts with the two indentations
     on top of the dash where the missing push pins would have gone. Press the round
     posts down into the indentations while at the same time rotating the dash shelf
     over the top of the plastic dash. Align the holes in the two flat struts under the
     dash shelf with the two top holes on the dash face (this is where two of the
     Phillips head screws used to go. Once the dash is aligned place the two Allen
     head bolts down into the top two holes in the dash shelf. Carefully work them
     down until you can get them into the channel clips and start the threads.

12. New Note: If you have plastic spacer tubes, these go under the shelf on the two
     Allen-head screws but above the plastic dash.

13. Tighten with an Allen wrench but do NOT over-tighten.

14. Now thread the replacement Phillips head screws into the dash strut holes and into
     the dash face plate until they’re tight.

15. Replace the stock Phillips head screws in the bottom dash face plate holes until
     they’re tight.

16. Replace the windshield and you’re done. Here’s what you should see from the
     rider’s seat.

New Note: This shelf will work with the AeroFlow Windshield's Laminar secondary
flow plate as seen in the picture above on my ST.

Ron Smith, Roy Fletcher, and I hope you like the dash design. Ride safe.

Joe Zulaski


NOTE:  Attached to this article is the original instructions in PDF.
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