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Roy Fletcher Auxiliary Fuel Cell ( ST1300 )
« on: May 29, 2009, 12:07:04 PM »
Roy Fletcher Auxiliary Fuel Cell


Comments by Joe Zulaski, STOC #929:

I worked with Ron Smith (while he was alive) and Roy Fletcher to design and fabricate many farkles for the ST1300.

Roy isn't making these again yet. He is still recovering from his brain aneurysm but is doing well.
He should be doing these sometime in late 2009.

If I recall correctly, I think he was asking for something in the neighborhood of $850 - $900 plus shipping.

If you are interested in this farkle, please let me know via my email at


ST1300 Auxiliary Fuel Cell Installation Instructions:

This aux tank is designed to sit above the passenger seat of your ST1300 on top of a stainless steel custom rack.  The front of the rack rests on the frame of the bike under the passenger seat while the rear of the rack bolts into a custom bracket which installs under the rear stock rack.  The aux tank then slips down on top of the rack and is held down with two flat hooks in front and two push pins in the rear.

Your Aux tank kit should include the following parts:

  • 1 aluminum powder-coated auxiliary fuel cell.
  • 2 push pins
  • 2  bolts with lock nuts
  • 1 stainless steel rack
  • 1 rear rack support bracket
  • 1 banjo- bolt and hose assembly (includes banjo-bolt, hose, 2 copper crush washer/spacers, one rubber “O” ring,
       one quick-release fuel fitting, and 2 hose clamps.

Installation steps:

1.   Make sure that your bottom stock fuel tank is almost empty.

2.   Remove both seats.

3.   Remove the Torx© head cap nut from the top of the stock tank (see location below) and replace it with the  banjo-bolt assembly

4.   Route the hose underneath the main support cross-strut and then over the side Tupperware panel (see below).

5.   Replace the front rider’s seat carefully making sure not to pinch the fuel hose.

6.   Now install the rear rack support bracket under the two allen head  bolts which hold the stock rear rack to the bike.  
       The rear rack support bracket will slide between the rear rack and a spacer under the rear rack.  Be careful not to lose
       the two lock nuts and spacers under the rack inside the tail of the bike.  Hand tighten for now.

7.   Now trial fit the stainless steel rack onto the rear to make sure everything fits.  We’ve test fitted all the parts here on our own
        bike already but this will familiarize you with where things should go.

8.   After the trial fitting, remove the rack and the tank from the rack and then carefully thread the rear seat inside the rack.  
        Now, re-install the rear seat while at the same time aligning the stainless steel rack in the same manner during the trial fitting.

9.     Align the two holes on the stainless steel rack with the two holes on the rear support bracket and install the two bolts with
        their lock nuts.  Tighten both these two bolts and then press the whole assemble forward and then tighten the two stock
        Allen-head bolts for the rear rack.

10.   Now, replace the auxiliary fuel cell onto the stainless steel rack and press the two push pins into their holes.  
        Make sure you’ve pushed them far enough to have them “lock”.

11.   Now, push the quick release fuel fitting onto the male part of the quick release fitting on the tank.

12.   Route the fuel overflow hose under the right rear grab handle and down along where the saddlebag and the taillight meet.
        We recommend some tie clips to hold the hose in place and putting the end of the hose under the license plate to keep it
        from flopping around.

Filling the tank:

1.   Make sure that the fuel shutoff valve is closed before filling.

2.   Fill the main tank first and then the aux tank.

3.   Keep the fuel shutoff valve shut until at least half of the main tanks are empty if not ¾’s empty.

4.   Then you can open the fuel shutoff valve to fill the main tanks.  It will fill very slowly but it will fill within 10 – 15 minutes.

5.   Remember to shut the valve again prior to filling.

Ron Smith and I hope you enjoy the aux tank design for the ST1300.  We endeavored to design something that is easy to install and remove and to provide a rack that can be used for other things besides just holding the aux tank.

Joe Zulaski


Here are some additional pictures of the complete installation:


NOTE:  Attached to this article is the original instructions in PDF.

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