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Seng PIAA 910\912 brackets ( ST1300 ) *
« on: May 29, 2009, 06:08:25 PM »
Original article can be viewed here:

Written by Joe Zulaski, STOC 929


Dick Seng's PIAA 910\912 brackets on an ST1300
(based upon Ron Major's design)

Here are some pictures of the new prototype PIAA 910 light brackets and their installation on the ST1300.  
You can reach Dick at for more info.

I highly recommend both the brackets from Dick and the PIAA 910 driving light.

Installation is pretty straight forward:

1)  Remove one bolt from the mirror housing
2)  Place bracket up under housing and replace bolt with Allen-head bolt provided with Bracket kit (see pic below).  
3)  Then measure and cut slot out of plastic mirror cover.  
4)  Wire PIAA 910 light to bike and you're done.

NOTE(s): The pictures below are of the "prototype" brackets.  Current production has these brackets black powder coated.

PIAA brackets and lights before install

Stripped down mirror assembly

Step 1

Step 1a ( Front view )

Step 1b: Cutting mirror housing

Step 1c: Cutting the finger

Step 2: Cutting mirror housing

Step 2a:  Cutting mirror housing

Step 2b: Testing fit

Step 2c: Testing fit front view

Step 2d: The finished cut

Step 2e: The finished cut another view

Step 3: Mounting the light

Step 3a: Mounting light close up from beneath

Step 3b: Mounting light front view

Step 3c: Mounting light with cover

Step 4: Mounting other light

All finished.
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Re: Seng PIAA 910/912 brackets ( ST1300 )
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2009, 10:06:32 PM »
Here's another installation of SENG PIAA brackets on a 2004 ST1300.

Original article can be viewed here:

Written by Adam Koczarski, STOC 265.


Remove the mirror housing.

The PIAA mounting brackets attached via the lower mirror mounting bolt. The stock bolt is removed.

I developed this template and my friend Patrick drew it up and converted it to PDF.
The template can be downloaded here.

I used masking tape on the mirror housing so I could transfer the template to it.

A Dremel was used to cut the openings.

The finished opening.

Another view.

The mount in place with the mirror housing in place.

Loosen the small allen screw to remove the stock mount.

The rod from the PIAA mounting bracket takes the place of the stock mounting hardware.

The chrome looks good with the dark blue!

Feeding the wire harness under the tank on the right side of the bike.

The harness reaches very nicely to the holes in the fairing.

PIAAs back in place and wired up. Black loom used to hide the PIAA wires.

The PIAA relay fits nicely under the seat here.

All hooked up to the battery. The white PIAA 25 amp fuse also accessible under the seat.

Nice clean cuts in the mirror housing. The wire looms just fit between the mount and the fairing.

The stock PIAA switch is mounted on the left next to the high beam switch. The middle switch on the box hanging from
the dash shelf allows the PIAAs to be controlled by the stock PIAA switch, or to follow the high beams.


NOTE:  Local copy of template in PDF can be viewed below.
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