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Valve Clearance Worksheet ( ST1100 ) *
« on: November 19, 2009, 10:29:29 AM »
[Edit: originally posted Nov '09. Edits since noted below]

Here's a very nice new worksheet for the ST1100 Valve Clearance Inspection.  With permission of the author and new member here, John Hudson, STOC 8086.  GREAT job, John!  Thanks!

Recommend that the Keeper of the ST1100 Valve Shim Kit (Eric Russell) add this to the kit's documents CD.


Comments by Rob Parker:

1. The cam cover gaskets are reusable.

2. The 1100 is easier to work on so you should be OK. Synch the carbs when you are done. Don't drop anything down the oil return ports.

Study this thread:

and watch this video (cut-n-paste URL to your browser): <>
Edit Jan 2021, added YouTube version of video:

N.B. Be sure to read these Video Errata remarks about this video:

[edit Jan'12 - updated thread URL and added errata note; couldn't get the video to embed]


It's also a good time to check the spark plugs, air filter and sub air filter.

[link died with the site: Carb sync:
[/s] ]


Comments by WJ Bertrand:

Since the ST1100's cams are gear driven from underneath, be careful removing the cam hold downs, particularly with the exhaust cams, there's nothing restraining them and they can roll off of the cylinder head onto the floor.  Never happened to me but I've read about a couple of cases of this happening.  Chances are you won't need to change any shims anyway though.

Before pulling a cam, mark the engaged teeth with something so you put it back in exactly the same way.  Double check all the timing marks with the cam fully seated, they rotate a little as you snug up the holders and what seemed to be in correctly will often now look off a tooth.


Comments by Jim Morrow:

Be careful getting the subfilter cover off.  4 pins if I remember correctly, I found 2, luckily electrical tape was handy...


Comments by KotAOW:

There was a mistake found on the attached work sheet, both the PDF and JPG.  This was in Step #4 when checking cylinder #2.  Please make sure to download newer versions of these files.

[Jan 2021 - the files below are the corrected copies]
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