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Clutch Diode Information ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, October 30, 2011, 08:57:01 AM

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Contributed by John OoSTerhuis, STOC #1058.


Clutch Diode Information ( ST1100 )

Symptoms: Engage gear and the neutral light comes on and then goes out as clutch lever released.


Here's the picture of the clutch diode location (I marked the diode to ID the spades to their colored wire leads):

Here's the clutch diode 'in situ' with the wire loom tape peeled back:

Honda part number/noun-nomenclature:
31700-196-000 / RECTIFIER  (about $16 USD)

Colored wiring diagrams to download and print out:


Thank You again for your contribution John OoSTerhuis, STOC #1058


How to Test Diode is attached below.


OEM diode pack can be replaced using general purpose diodes available at Radio Shack or any other electronic component source.

Radio Shack:

1N5402 or # 276-1143

3 amp, 200 v PIV

$1.69 each.


Need two diodes ( 1N5402 )

and some insulated crimp terminals ( 3 x red ).

Twist together the cathodes ( banded end ) and crimp on an insulated terminal.

Crimp insulated terminals to each of the remain anodes ( Un-banned end )

Looking at wiring diagram below:

The end with the twisted leads into a single insulated terminal connect to the GREEN wire.

The remaining diode ends connect to the GREEN\RED wire and the other wire.