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Cyberdyne© Ambient Air Temp Gage ( ST1100 ) *
« on: October 30, 2011, 05:37:11 PM »
Contributed by Tom Melnik, STOC #346.


Cyberdyne© Ambient Air Temp Gage ( ST1100 )

Finally found a decent replacement for my now defunct Radio Shack LCD air temp gage.  It finally gave up after a long ride in the rain.  Plus, it was almost impossible to view at night, even with the back light on.  

New gage is made by Cyberdyne:

Includes a LOW and HIGH memory function and scrolls ICE for one minute when temps fall below 37 degrees F.

Comes in a variety of colors and bezels.  Costs around $54 plus shipping on ebay.

Just search on "cyberdyne" on ebay and you should get some results for their gages: ebay search for "cyberdyne"

Cyberdyne Ambient Air Temperature Gage, installed on left side.



I installed the new gage in place of headlight adjuster knob on right side.  Had to only open up hole to 2 1/16 inches for new gauge.

Also need to make sure it is somewhat waterproof with a bit of Silicone© and RTV© and a rubber flap to direct the majority of the water away from the back of the gauge.

Headlamp adjuster knob tucked away under fairing for easy access if need be.

Cyberdyne© Air Temp gage with connectors and wire loom attached.

Back of gage showing waterproofing with clear RTV©.

Vinyl shield made to protect back of gage from rain that may splash up from the front wheel.

Vinyl shield attached to back of gage.

Sending unit to be mounted inside left mirror housing.

Memory recall push button as supplied by Cyberdyne©.

Various hook-up wire and connectors also supplied with gage.


I was going to silicone around the glass face when I get a chance and when I can come up with a fool-proof method so that it doesn't smear.


The temp gauge has a memory recall, LO and HI, but they get reset when the gauge looses power, or every time you restart the bike.  My plan on trips is to turn on the gauge in the morning using battery voltage and then maintain that throughout the day to keep the LO and HI.

The gauge only draws 250 milliamps, so it shouldn't drain the battery overnight.  Hopefully, I won't forget to turn it off.


Converted all my wiring scribbles to a better looking schematic this morning.

See PDF attachment below.


Thank You again for your contribution Tom Melnik, STOC #346

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