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TupperWare Worksheet ( ST1300 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, January 16, 2012, 11:01:20 AM

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ST1300 TupperWare Worksheet.pdf (304 K)

Contributed by John Hudson, aka GitSum, STOC #8086.


TupperWare Worksheet ( ST1300 )

What do you do with all the fasteners when you take off your Tupperware?

Well I made these worksheets to keep track of mine.

The idea is as you remove the fasteners, you place them on the correct spot on the worksheet. It helps me keep track of all the parts and it reminds me of all the fasteners that have to be removed first before you try to pull the piece off. Also, each fastener is numbered so you can see the location where it came from - and where to put it back.

Note, I have labeled some of the socket bolts as 5mm or 6mm - this is the thread size. Also there are two different sizes for the trim clips - one has a golf T shaped head and the other is flat.

This is what the sheets look like loaded up:

3rd worksheet added:


Thank You again for your contribution John Hudson, aka GitSum, STOC #8086