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Flange Bearing Inspection ( ST1300 )

Started by KoTAOW, January 19, 2012, 02:38:10 PM

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Original article can be found here:
Contributed by Chuck Henderson, aka ChucksKLRST, STOC #086.


Flange Bearing Inspection ( ST1300 )

Here is a pictorial for checking your Drive Flange Bearings on your ST1300.

Ice pick method to remove large Snap Ring.

Screwdriver method to remove large Snap Ring.

Snap Ring pliers is the preferred method for removal.

Carefully work ring out of grove. Do not force or bend.

Snap ring removed.

Clean off spline with rag.

Lay wheel over about 2 inched above floor and gently drop on floor. Flange assy will come out.

Flange assy out of wheel, laying on floor.

Flange assy with rubber drive cushions.

Check bearing by turning with your finger. Should be smooth turning.

Check other side the same way.

Inspect O-ring on Wheel.

Inspect O-ring on Flange.

Inspect rubber drive cushions

Apply Honda Molly to wheel bearing face.

Install Rubber drive cushions in wheel.

Lay wheel in your lap so as not to damage disk and install Drive Flange into wheel.

Install snap ring into grove in wheel.

Inspect and make sure snap ring is in grove all around wheel.

Apply Honda Molly to Flange Splines in preparation for reinstallation of wheel on to rear drive.

This whole procedure takes about 15 to 20 min. to do. It is well worth the piece of mind. My bearings were good this time. Next time if they are bad I will do a bearing replacement episode.


Comments:  What's your total miles on this bike?

60k and I have changed the two Flange bearings 3 times. I now check them at every tire change.

Comments: In your caption for Pic 15 you said, apply Honda Molly to wheel bearing face.... Is that the correct grease for that application?

On page 16-10 2003 Honda Service manual, about 1/3rd of the way down the manual states.... "Apply 3g of Molly disulf paste to the mating surface of the rear wheel hub end and final driven flange A."

This step should be before.... "Install the driven flange assembly to the right wheel hub."

The manual sequence is wrong. My thought is these pieces will have a slight bit of movement against them self as the rubber dampers flex. So the requirement for Molly. I hope this clears it up.

Comments: Are the Honda bearing remover shaft and bearing remover head tools needed for this job? Do you also need the driver, attachments, and pilot tools? Or do you improvise with something else?

For checking no.

For Changing, I improvise by using deep well sockets and a rubber mallet. Next time I have to change the bearings I will do a write up on changing them


Thank You again for your contribution Chuck Henderson, aka ChucksKLRST, STOC #086