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Valve Clearance Check Videos ( ST1300 )

Started by KoTAOW, January 19, 2012, 05:11:37 PM

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Original article can be found here:
Contributed by "anonymous", aka RCS, STOC #????.


Valve Clearance Check Videos ( ST1300 )

There are four segments.

1. Valve clearance check.
ST1300 Taking Valve Clearance Measurements

2. Left side shim change part 1 of 2.!

3. Left side shim change part 2 of 2.
Honda ST1300 left side shim change pt 2 of 2

4. Getting to the right side cam tension screw.
ST1300 right side cam tension screw removal

The first three videos are about 10 minutes each. The fourth video is 6 minutes.


The videos were the result of hard work by several people including STDan, Dinkie Diesel, STrayCatt, and Austin City Limits. This video would not have been possible without the use of Terry's (ACL's) shop, STrayCatts video camera, Dinkie Diesels camera work and prepping the raw video for editing, and STDans motorcycle and wrenching. The video was filmed less than a year ago during Moonshine 2010.

Thank you again to everyone that made this video possible!

(Note - you can double click on the video to have the option of going full screen to see more detail.)

Since the Honda is a Metric motorcycle, the Shims are metric, and the feeler gauges are metric, all the valve clearances were measured in Metric.


Valve Clearance Check Videos ( ST1300 ) - Continued

Here is a list of the tools I use for a valve inspection and shim change. I've also provided pictures for illustration. A must have in addition is the Service Manual for your bike. It has stuff in it like torque specs and timing mark information that is important.

Clockwise from top:
> Metric socket set 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm - 8mm for plastic off/on, remaining for valve covers, cam shaft, etc
> Latex rubber gloves - to keep clean
> 8mm Allen® - for off/on plastic fairing
> #2 stubby Phillips® - for off/on plastic and airbox cover
> Needle nose pliers - for off/on plastic
> Small Phillips® screwdriver - for off/on of mirror housing

Clockwise from top left:
> Phillips® impact wrench - for off/on airbox to injector screws
> Extra set valve cover gaskets - for precaution only
> Extra set of valve cover bolt washers - for precaution only
> Hot cams shim kit - close up pic attached too
> Micrometer 0-25mm in .01 increments - to doublecheck shim sizes
> Feeler gauge with long tips - to measure valve clearances
> Socket adapter 1/4" to 3/8" if needed for 1/4 inch smaller torque wrench
> Torque wrench - 20-180lbs/in or 2-20 Nm
> Torque wrench - 100-500lbs/in or 10-60Nm
> 1/8" tip by 8 inches long screwdriver - to loosen cam chain adjuster
> Small vice grip - comes in handy if working alone on right cylinders to hold screwdriver on cam chain adjuster.
> Hex bit socket set 3-10mm - for on/off of Timing hole cap and Crankshaft hole cap
> Magnet - to get off valve cap and strong enough to keep shim in the cap.
> Mirror - to see in Timing hole cap from the side
> Flashlight - to shine in mirror and light up Timing hole while looking into it. Helps see timing marks.
> Spark plug socket and extension - to remove spark plugs.

Engine lube - to put on valve caps during reassembly to prevent scoring on start-up
Gasket sealant - to put on new or old gaskets around the half moon areas

Hotcams® closeup

Torque wrench/special screwdriver closeup

Those items in bold will be used to crank the engine and check each valve clearance - which is one of the longest tasks. So, if we have two bikes and want to end in 7 hours we'll do best to have two sets of those tools in bold letters.


Thank You again for your contribution "anonymous", aka RCS, STOC #????