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Reinstalling Rear Wheel ( ST1300 )

Started by KoTAOW, January 20, 2012, 07:37:17 AM

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Original article can be found here:
Contributed by Chuck Henderson, aka ChucksKLRST, STOC #086.


Reinstalling Rear Wheel ( ST1300 )

Disclaimer: This Photo essay is not a replacement for the service manual. My goal is to maybe enhance ones understanding of the service manual and make it a bit easier thru some of my pictures. At no time do I recommend relying solely on these photos and my instructions. As a wise old instructor once told me "RTFB square." Enjoy, good luck.

Clean old molly off of wheel hub and pumpkin splines.

Lube pumpkin splines with Honda Molly.©

Lube wheel hub with Honda Molly©. ( be some what liberal but don't over do)

Install wheel into pumpkin making sure wheel splines mate with pumpkin splines. Might take a couple of try's to get them to slide in.

Clean axle.

Grease axle with axle grease. DO NOT use Molly for this.

Slide axle into pumpkin side and stop before axle exits wheel on left side. Axle should slide with only hand force. DO NOT use excessive force. Might have to jiggle wheel a bit.

Inspect brake pads at this point and make sure there is enough space between pads to install caliper onto disk.

Work caliper on to Disk and align axle hole, and hand push axle the rest of the way through. Do not over force.

Honda says to replace Caliper Stopper bolt, because of the lock tight from the factory. I use the same bolt after I clean the old lock tight off and reapply a new coat of red lock tight. Works for me. You make your choice.

Apply a couple of drops of red lock tight to caliper stopper bolt.

Install caliper stopper bolt.

Set torque wrench to 51 ft lbs. (If you are going to do maint. on your bike please get a descent torque wrench)

Access the caliper stopper bolt forward of the muffler above the cat converter, and tighten to 51 ft lbs.

Install axle nut.

Using a 27 mm 6 point socket for tightening axle nut.

Set torque to 80 ft lbs and tighten axle nut to 80 ft lbs.

Reinstall right exhaust.

Reinstall lower rear fender.

Job complete, go test ride.

Now I am going riding, while you all reinstall your rear wheel. Mine is done.


Thank You again for your contribution Chuck Henderson, aka ChucksKLRST, STOC #086