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Drink Holder ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, January 25, 2012, 05:27:00 PM

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Submitted by Keith R. Rosendahl, aka FarkleKing or ownst1100, STOC #1211


Drink Holder ( ST1100 )

This farkle I was quite proud of and it came out pretty nice. Not only did I find a way to do away with the rubber cover on the L/H side but it held a 14 oz. cup of coffee and kept it hot as that pocket always ran a little on the warm side. And still left me a little room to keep a few things.

Using one of the L/H hard covers from the "Electrical Connection".
Electrical Connection - Left Side Fairing Panel

A $5 plastic cup holder for a boat from "West Marine".

From my day's at McDonnell Douglas, an outside latch for a APU generator access cover hatch for an MD80 passenger jet.

A small 3" piece of aluminum aircraft (Cessna) hinge.

Assembled properly I felt I had all the makings for a really nice drink holder.

First I figured out the sweet spot and cut a hole. Then I located and cut the hole for the latch. Once the latch was located I cut the cover into two pieces and located the hinge. Everything located countersunk all the holes for flush rivets and then riveted it all together. Afterwords I simply snapped it all in place. It all fit great.

This latch even had a rubber seal to keep everything in the compartment nice and dry.

With my Helibars everything cleared with room to spare. Later on just before selling the ST to a neighbor I pulled it off on let Mike (the RACKMAN) Roberts have it for his 97'. With stock bars it was a tight fit but still cleared everything just fine.


Thank You again for your contribution Keith R. Rosendahl, aka FarkleKing or ownst1100, STOC #1211