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Sun Glasses Holder ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, January 25, 2012, 05:55:41 PM

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Submitted by Keith R. Rosendahl, aka FarkleKing or ownst1100, STOC #1211


Sun Glasses Holder ( ST1100 )

On my ST1100 I favored an open face helmet. Once I got the turbulence all under control I bought me a Shoei RJ-Air. Nothing compared to the quietness I got when using this helmet.

Being a wearer of prescription glasses I found these. Made by Arnette and called "Intrusions". They are a wrap around sport type that can be fitted with the lens I need. On each side and in the middle is a small powerful magnet to hold a tinted lens in place.

I got tired of stopping to remove and change out the lens so I made this.

Made from aluminum I formed it to the contour of the lens. Covered it in ABS plastic and installed 3 magnets in the proper place. Attached it to my R/H pocket cover for easy access plus the fact that im right handed making it easy to change out the lens as needed while on the move. The magnets are very powerful and the lens really snaps in place.


Thank You again for your contribution Keith R. Rosendahl, aka FarkleKing or ownst1100, STOC #1211