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Turbulence Control ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, January 25, 2012, 08:19:21 PM

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Submitted by Keith R. Rosendahl, aka FarkleKing or ownst1100, STOC #1211


Turbulence Control ( ST1100 )

My ST, as with all the others had a lot of Turbulence. By adding a Laminar LIP and windshield combo I eliminated most of it. Adding Laminars EARS and the Hondaline deflector kit helped even more. I still had a rush of air coming up from the front wheel by way of where the forks came up through the fairing. I tried the upper S.T.E.F.I. plate I saw people trying on It worked. but blocked off the flow of air to the top of the motor and carburetors causing the bike to run a little hot. The fan constantly cycle on and off in traffic. I removed it and passed it along to someone in the group.

The plate in front of and attached to the top fork crown I made up after testing with a piece of cardboard. This one is made from a blue piece of 1/2 inch Teflon. The top plate is 1/4 inch 7075 T-6 aluminum. It all mounts on angle brackets that attach to 2 threaded holes on the front of the top fork crown that use to route all the cables and hydraulic lines. As you can see those lines now run through the plate.

In the photo's you can see how the plate fills in the hole and blocks the flow of air coming up through the fairing.

It's a tight fit, but everything clears and actually works quite well finishing off the laminar LIP combo, EAR's, and mirror deflectors. Looks good and actually sets off the carbon fiber fork crown cover and the black Teflon ignition cover with matching inlaid carbon fiber ring.


Thank You again for your contribution Keith R. Rosendahl, aka FarkleKing or ownst1100, STOC #1211