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Highway Wings, the Original ( ST1100\ST1300 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, February 04, 2012, 08:35:52 PM

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Submitted by Keith R. Rosendahl, STOC #1211 and Mike Roberts, STOC #2902


Highway Wings, the Original and the story behind them ( ST1100\ST1300 )

More than a few years back, 2001 to be exact I was returning from WeSTOC VI which was held in Kimberley B.C. that year. It was my first BIG trip by motorcycle and the ST1100 was really taking a toll on my lower back. I was slabbing it down Interstate 99 and was always looking for another place to put my feet, bet I tried everything. The tip over wings look to be the best place but keeping them there required the use of muscles i'd never used before only making things worse. Looking down at the top of the tip over wing I got to looking at the shape from above. Then it sort of struck me, that shape, if it had a blade/wing with that shape it would be a natural for keeping your feet in place without slipping off, After arriving home I continued to think about it and finally made up a mock-up out of wood. My friend Mike Roberts, STOC #2902 lived just one street over and just so happened to have a mill in his garage. I showed him what I had in mind and he held on to the mock-up and said he would give it some thought. Months went by and Mike never said another word about it. I figured he just pushed it aside for the time being as we had other things on the burner. One day I stopped by Mikes and he seemed a little surprised. I noticed something sitting on his dinning room table that I wasn't suppose to see yet. DAMN! there they were, the first set! Mike had already started a second set which would be for my bike. After many months of testing it was finally time to let the STOC community know and see what we had come up with. We knew we had something very cool as the response from other owners on was overwhelming. Mike immediately went to work on ones for the 1300.

I put many many miles on my ST and the HYW.WINGS were always there for me. They really took the strain off of my lower back

Here are pictures of the original set on Mikes 97' ST1100 ABS.

And Mike Roberts with his feet out on the WINGS.

I won't get into what happened later on with our HWY. WINGS but it seems they were good enough to be copied by someone else.


Comments by Joe Zulaski, STOC #929Do you have any of them without the plastic tip-over wing cover? It might be nice to show people how easily they install.

These are of the 1st set installed on Mike Roberts bike.


Question:  Does it invalidate the function of the tip-over pegs?

Reply:  Nope, the tip-over wings still work great. As a matter of fact, the underlying support bars are probably strengthened/stiffened by the Hwy Wing add-ons.  The outside plastic cover is the only thing that really changes (i.e., you get replacements with the holes cut into them).


Thank You again for your contribution Keith R. Rosendahl, STOC #1211 and Mike Roberts, STOC #2902


Original article can be found here:

Submitted by Adam Koczarski, STOC #265


Highway Wings Installation ( ST1100\ST1300 )

I've heard the person now producing the wings is Dwayne Wisler and his email address is

Pull the stock wing covers.

Highway Wings closed.

Highway Wings opened up.

The Wings clamp to the tipover strut.

The kits comes with perfectly cut replacement covers for the tipover struts. Wings retracted.

Highway Wings folded open. Beautiful!!


Thank You again for your contribution Adam Koczarski, STOC #265