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Speedohealer Installation ( ST1300 )

Started by KoTAOW, April 09, 2012, 09:23:07 AM

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Submitted by John Herring, aka JohnnyRide
Original article can be found here:  Speedohealer Installation


Speedohealer Installation ( ST1300 )

Price ( April 2012 ):  $114.99

Like every vehicle out there, the Nomad is no different in the fact that your speedometer tells you are going faster than you really are.  My VW Jetta is off is 6% off, my wife's Toyota is off and so is my daughter's car. I noticed an option on one manufacturers page that sells a speedo which is extremely accurate and the face of the speedo slows a little line for each MPH. Oh, and that's under the Law Enforcement Equipment options. Well it's nice to know the Police know how fast they are going. Well I like most people want to know WTF I am doing with regards to speed. I discovered that I was 8% off on my ST1300 speedo. That's a lot to me and that won't get it. So, enter the Speedo Healer, a nice little device to correct that error. It is reasonably easy to install and the folks at HealTech Electronics  have a handy little on-line calculator to tell you how to program the Speedohealer when you know how far off you are. The instruction which are available on Speedo's Web site are satisfactory. I found that the actual installation of the plugs required moving the an engine component to be able to get to the 3P Black Speed Sensor Plug.

The finger points to the location of the dust boot which contains 3 different plugs, one of which is the Black Speedo Sensor Plug. Do you see it yet? Me neither As you can see, things are in the way.

Remove these two bolts....

Move this out of the way and you can pull the harness up enough to plug in the needed plugs.  You need to find your own way to route the orange harness to its new home. I selected the top of the battery cover.  Getting there is half the fun. Once you there and have it all squared away, follow the remaining instructions provided my the manufacturer. Check out their web site as well for the Calculator which will tell you the procedure for programming the unit.


Thank You again for your contribution John Herring, aka JohnnyRide