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Rear Wheel Inner Fender Extender ( ST1100\ST1300 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, March 27, 2012, 07:12:28 PM

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Original thread here:

Rear Wheel Inner Fender Extender ( ST1100 )

Comments by John OoSTerhuis, STOC #1058:

As some of you may have noticed, I've reported riding a few gravel and dirt roads in the last year.  And most recently just this week on some wet ones, not to mention a lot of wet and sandy pavement.  The ST is pretty dirty of course, but I didn't realize just quite how dirty until I pulled the fuel tank yesterday to fix a coolant leak.

Sand, dirt, pebbles... all over the top of the swingarm and the exhaust collector.  YIKES!  And the stuff was 1" deep on top of my AudioVox CC vacuum canister which is slung below (mostly blocking) the gap between the swingarm front cross-members:

Sorry no pictures of the actual mess.  I couldn't stand it and immediately cleaned it up.  Can't have an SSMST that dirty, even on the inside.  :)

So... would all you folks that have farkled those cool rear wheel inner fender extensions kindly poST your pictures and how-to/materials info for me...?  Please?  TIA


Comments by Carroll Walker, STOC #3176:

I didn't have the tank out of the bike so I could not get photos of the other side (front side) but I think this should give you some ideas.  Not sure what material I use but it is some type of plastic I had on hand.  Someone told me they had used a one gallon oil container to make a fender extender.  I think most any type of plastic should work as there is very little movement in the extender after installation.  I could have extended the left side just a little more,  maybe on the second edition!!


Comments by Chuck Henderson, STOC #086:

My KLR just happens to be on the lift waiting for tires. So here is the extender i farkled on the KLR. should give you some ideas. Just a small piece of rubber mat zipped tied to the rear fender. Silver STorm will get this farkle next time the tires are replaced.


Comments by Paul Kolbo, STOC #273:

That looks similar to the vinyl piece I attached to the inner fender on my ST1100.  I bought the vinyl from Home Depot (look in the flooring section).  The ST1100 allows the extender to hang down in front of the swingarm.  I used small stainless steel bolts and nuts to secure the piece.  I also bonded the surfaces with RTV for good measure.  Sorry, I have no pictures and the bike is currently stored in the corner of the cold garage.


Comments by Don da Roza, STOC #5230:

Just a thought, but might to want to consider using rivets instead of screws as they might be more secure for that application.

Reply by Carroll Walker, STOC #3176:

I thought of that but I wanted the option of removed the extension if necessary in case I had to remove the swing-arm.  The hardware I used was stainless steel and therefore will not rust plus I applied just a small amount of 'Locktite' to the threads to prevent the hardware from becoming loose.  In fact I had to remove the extension one time but I can't remember the reason,  must be old age!!


Comments by Jason Spradlin, STOC #5043:

Before pic shows holes drilled for mudflap indicated by yellow arrows. Have to BE CAREFUL not to drill into the battery tray when locating the left hole. Before I cleaned the swingarm it looked like the exhaust.

After photo shows mudflap installed. It should keep muck out of the swingarm pivot/engine/tranny area. Mudflap was made from a black anti-freeze jug. Simply cut out the entire front or rear area of the jug and trim to fit, then punch your two mounting holes. Mudflap could be made longer to cover exhaust but I was affraid it would melt from heat. Could maybe add thick rubber extension to the bottom for exhaust coverage.

I also made one for my FZ1 out of an actual truck mudflap from NAPA - next time the rear wheel is off the ST, I might remake one from this material for it. Pics here


Additional comments by John OoSTerhuis, STOC #105:

I finally got around to finishing my Galfer stainless steel rear brake line installation (will post separately about that).  Before reinstalling the rear wheel and fuel tank I finished up the back end with an inner fender extension:

I'd purchased a heavy plastic mud flap from AutoZone but it proved too rigid to work with and get in the proper shape and contour.  Then I found a stair tread at Home Depot that you see in the picture.  I think it'll work out fine.  I used stainless steel screws, washers, and nyloc nuts.  Here's a picture of the other, fuel tank side:

Hopefully this fender extension will keep out all the dirt that'd been collecting on/in the swingarm.

BTW, there is a commercial version available from a UK outfit, Bike-Quip:


Thank You all for your contributions.


Rear Wheel Inner Fender Extender ( ST1300 )

Comments by Chuck Henderson, STOC #086:

Here is one I made for the my ST1300.

More than welcome to copy it.

I use automotive trim buttons to attach it to the rear inner fender.


Thank you for your contribution Chuck Henderson, STOC #086