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Hella FF50 Driving SpotLights ( ST1300 )

Started by KoTAOW, April 09, 2012, 05:30:38 PM

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Submitted by John Herring, aka JohnnyRide
Original article can be found here: Hella FF50 Driving Spotlights

Hella FF50 Driving SpotLights ( ST1300 )

You will want to install a dedicated power harness w/relay along with this setup to protect the factory relays and wiring of your investment. Do it, don't ask why. To connect your new spotlights see this Gadget page as there isn't much point in me rewriting anything on that. Adaptable relay harnesses are always available from sources such as Pepboys®, Walmart® and, Autozone®, to name a few. Usually around $20.

I found a set of Hella FF50 driving lights and installed them high on the engine guards on my former bike. They are black plastic, oval in appearance and are H7 bulb based. These suckers kick butt and illuminate the hell out of the road ahead. There is no way you could drive around at night with on coming traffic. They would be leaning out their windows trying to shoot the lights out. Way bright. But for lonely back road night driving, they do an outstanding job. Got them off EBAY for $35. The normal price is $70-$80 for the pair.

This is an accurate representation of the output.

Use the wiring diagram link above as your guide to connect these night burners.

TurboCity under the mirror mounting system

Finished product, to the left, looks like it might sting you or something.

Side shot.... excuse the fingerprints and dirt.

Wires are ready for soldering, heat shrinking the joints and pulling the runs though the mounts from TurboCity. Nice and clean looking.

I always reverse the connectors so it is impossible to plug them together the wrong way.

I sure hope I remember what I did today.... Thank goodness the fairing hides this stuff. The Stebel 139db air horn is there and it relayed circuit as well as the Hella relay and associated wiring.

LOL... long day but it was worth it... You can see my laptop to the left so I could hit the ST Forum if I got stuck on something.

As a foot note to the TurboCity under the mirror brackets, I will say this, I took them off. I don't like the way they mount or look. There is a good degree of vibration passed to the lights during motion. They should be half the price they are for what you get. I also got tired of looking at the holes I had to put in the rubber dust boots which go from the mirror to the side to the upper fairings to use these mounts. Expect to drop $25 for replacement rubber. If I knew what I know now, I would not have bought them.


These mounts are the BLM mounts and are a far superior product both from a stability perspective and a construction perspective. They are available from here:


It just depends where you want to mount whatever. Also at the same site check out the under the mirror mounts they have as they are of excellent quality and construction but made by Dick Seng Brackets.

They can also sell you some really strong lower fork mounts for lights as well which are make by BLM. (Shown at the bottom left.)


Thank You again for your contribution John Herring, aka JohnnyRide