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Mirror Wind Deflectors, Do It Yourself ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, April 23, 2012, 08:39:06 AM

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Submitted by Patrick O'Bryant, aka sirepair, STOC #7105
Original article can be found here:  El-Cheapo-Mirror-Wind-Deflectors


Mirror Wind Deflectors, Do It Yourself ( ST1100 )

Made these up last year but never got around to do a write-up, so here is the belated one:

OK, so I'm a pretty frugal guy and dangerous with sharp objects, so I made a set of Mirror Wind Deflectors for my ST1100. I have the fairing deflectors (bought used) but did not get the mirror deflectors. I utilized a $10.00 set of generic mud flaps from my local auto parts store.

I played around with some card board to get the shape right, then hacked out the shapes from the plastic using a box knife. I left the textured side up to go along with the gray plastic parts (though the mud flaps are black).

I had to bevel the edges a bit to get a tight fit. For this I utilized a drum sander bit on my Dremel tool. BE CAREFUL as the course drums will remove a lot of material from the mud flaps quite quickly! Maybe practice on a piece of scrap first...

I did not want to mount them with fasteners so I tried to mount them (last year) with some 2-sided molding tape. But I think my tape was old and I had some issues with it sticking. So I utilized some black silicone (RTV). Took a bit of elbow grease to remove the remaining RTV once I removed the deflectors for summer riding.

This time, I'm using a GE bathroom caulk (goes on white, dries clear) and hopefully it will be a bit easier to remove. I simply ran a bead around the 2 edges of the deflectors that will stick to the fairing and mirror.

**UPDATE** Use Permatex black RTV for easier removal. The GE stuff was a P.I.T.A. to remove!

Using some masking tape and a clamps I positioned the deflectors and left them to dry overnight.

I was pretty happy with both the looks and function of this farkle. The deflectors do a good job of keeping wind and rain off of my hands. And at about $13.00 ($10 mud flaps, $3 silicone) it's hard to go wrong!

And so ends another episode of "the Frugal Farkler"!! Tune in next time when I make a RAM ball GPS mount from a goat's testicle.....



Left side.

Right side.

NOTE:  PDF file attached below with scale trace of deflectors


Thank You again for your contribution Patrick O'Bryant, aka sirepair, STOC #7105


Comments by Norm Keller, STOC #8030:

Mine are made from 1/16" clear Lexan® and are held by double sided tape although did attach them by "Dum-Dum" (strip putty for body sealing), either seems to suffice. I like to use attachment which doesn't increase the break-away effort for the mirror covers too much.