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There are a lot of articles in the AOW section that contain pictures that have been previously uploaded to Webshots. Over the years, it made sense to upload them to Webshots vs.

Unfortunately, Webshots has been bought out by another company who is currently moving everything to another server.

Before the Webshot pictures were moved, they were downloaded and will eventually be uploaded to the server for safe keeping.

In the mean time, this means that some of the AOW articles will lose their attached pictures, until the KOTAOW can edit the articles and reference the correct links back to the pictures.

There are currently 178 ST1100 articles and 109 ST1300 articles. 

Please be patient the next several months, while the editing process continues.


Tom Melnik:

I have tagged each AOW article with a single * at the end of the title for the articles that I have successfully recovered the pictures or did not have any attached pictures.

Any article tagged with double **, means there are still missing pictures from other sources, other than Webshots.


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