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Replacing Halogen bulbs with F2 LED's ( ST1300 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, December 15, 2019, 01:08:34 PM

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Contributed by Keith Adams, STOC #8824.


Replacing Halogen bulbs with F2 LED's ( ST1300 )

* Remove fairings
* Disconnect halogen bulb
* Remove rubber boot
* Open wire retaining bail and remove halogen bulb
* Separate the mounting base from the emitter and fan assembly of the F2
* Remove the lower 2 tabs from the mounting plate (ST1300; not sure about the 1100).
* Install the mounting plate and secure with the wire bail
* Reinstall the rubber boot

IMPORTANT: Install the boot BEFORE installing the emitter/fan assembly.  I didn't do that on my first install because I didn't know that the base plate could be pulled off.  That put the wire pigtail right against a hard plastic edge in the housing and after about 3,000 miles it had abraded to the point where a conductor was damaged and the light failed.

* Push LED emitters through center hole in boot and mounting plate; seat firmly and inspect from the front to ensure they are all the way through.  The wiring pigtail coming off the fans should be at the bottom of the housing.
* Connect the wire pigtail from the bulb to the one from the power supply
* Connect power supply to OEM lighting harness using the stock 3-blade connector

Repeat on other side

* Power up and confirm proper aim, beam pattern, height.  Adjust as needed.  (Beam pattern is adjusted by rotating the emitters in the base.)
* Secure power supplies in convenient, not in the way locations
* Reinstall tupperware
* Go ride!


Thank You again for your contribution Keith Adams, STOC #8824