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Ignition Switch Removal ( ST1300 )

Started by KoTAOW, December 09, 2007, 02:22:33 PM

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I have disassembled my ST front end for an alignment check, but I'm temporarily stuck on ignition switch removal. The fastener appears to be a Torx, but is a very loose fit on the smallest Torx that fits. Before wrecking these bolts, anyone know the correct spec.?  I've looked, but can't find anything on it.   --Tim Shevlin

  Looking at the parts list, it is Honda P/N:   90107-MGB-000 The description says it's a one way bolt (requires 2). 
   --- Don Grimes

Follow-up:  What I found is that the bolts are really, really thief-proof. ("one-way"  as noted) The heads are rounded (pan-head?) and there is no recognizable  tool pattern in what looks af first like a rounded-off Allen socket, with only a half-dozen micro-dimples on the inside surface. The factory must use a special installation tool somewhat like a Torx bit--- and a lot of pressure on a bench setup. Plus, there is a widely-spaced reverse spiral cut across the threads, another anti-theft feature, I suppose. I used a #5 bolt extractor to easily remove these bolts, but I needed to grind off about 1/4" of the tip in order to get the extractor to bite in the shallow recess.
I am confident enough that switch access is way too hard for a thief to bother with (and for what, a key number?)  so,  I intend to use standard Allen bolts on reassembly.  Tim Shevlin  #1183