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Mark Reis Dash shelf ( ST1100 )
« on: December 09, 2007, 01:55:28 PM »
Mark Reis Communications Shelf

MR Communications ST Control Shelf. A new stiffening bar has been spot welded to the bottom of the shelf for more strength. This shelf spans the windscreen dash area and is mounted using existing ST1100 fasteners. There are no holes to drill or plastic to cut.

Shown below is the MR Communications ST Control Shelf mounted on Joe Zulaski's 1998 ST1100 ALT. Note plenty of room for cassette player, Street Pilot and V-1, yet the rider can still easily see all stock instruments

Below is another view of the installed MR Communications ST Control Shelf from directly above the dash area. Again, note plenty of room for electrical components, yet allows full view of instrument panel

If you are interested in a ST1100 Communications Shelf, email Mark Reis Communications at:

  I think the reference to the MR dash shelf email addy is no longer working.......I talked to Mark Reis a couple of years ago and he no longer makes them as there wasn't enough business for the ST1100's.......
  Don Grimes


Also available from & (and likely others...)
  I checked - as of 12/10/2007 they are shown on the above web sites - KotAOW

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