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Adjustable clutch lever ( ST1100 ) *
« on: December 09, 2007, 02:26:22 PM »
Here are some part numbers and a picture of the stock vs adj clutch lever for the ST1100.

The part number on the lever shown on Steinar's site is 53180-ML7-692. It is a silver lever. Go to, click on 'ST1100 Information' then 'Farkle Photos'. Look for 'Levers - Adjustable'

I looked up some likely sources of 'donor bikes' on partsfish and found 53180-ML7-691 from a '90 VFR 750 and '94 RC45. I *think* the different final digit denotes the same lever in a different color (i.e black vs silver)

The only other lever that seems close is from a mid 80's V65 Magna - part number 53180-MB4-681.

  85/86 V65 Magna adjustable clutch lever, Honda # 53178-MB4-681
(per email reply from lister Bob Peloquin) I know for a fact this fits the ST1100 as I tried one from my buddy's 86 Magna.  It fit perfectly and matched the color exactly.

Reply from STOC'er Don Grimes: Tried ordering the adj clutch lever off the magna 53180-MB4-681 - It has been discontinued.
also ordered one off a VFR it was silver.

IMO, it may well be that the slightly different shape of the adj lever is what makes it work better for me. Picture below (upper lever is stock, lower lever is the adjustable lever):

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