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External Auxiliary Fuel Pump ( ST1100 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, March 08, 2017, 01:13:48 PM

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Submitted by Raouf Wilson, STOC #6136


External Auxiliary Fuel Pump ( ST1100 )

Original "Help, Save Me" thread (Link)


I had the fuel pump strand me on I-70 about an hour West of Grand Junction during WeSToc. Thanks to the liST, Dave Nichols sent me his Facet fuel pump and fitted it with the plumbing and wires and shipped it to me overnight so I can get set and hit the road home. Just in case there was a problem, Adam Frymoyer sent me the pump out of Will's bike, which arrived the next day, which was Friday morning for the journey home. I am grateful to the kind PMs from Dave Speer, Jim Medak, and support on my "Help, Save Me" thread and Jim Vick going to see if the pump was at Apex. Awesome support  :great:

So here is the summary:

The Facet 40178 (Link) got me home, it used a bit more fuel than average, I average 46 mpg in everyday type riding, since I got the bike (I keep a mileage log). OEM pump to WeSToc high was 54 mpg and low was 45 mpg.
Trip home with Facet, high was 45 mpg and low was 40.7 mpg.

I was tense as anything for the first few hours, especially through Vale, where it got windy and wasn't sure if it was buffeting or the fuel starvation. I couldn't smell fuel which was a good sign, and filled up as soon as I hit half tank.

The Facet pump makes a thumping sound, which is apparently normal. I never heard the sound until I got home, so thought the pump was toast, but I emailed Facet and they said it was normal. I thought it odd that I hadn't heart it before, then I realized there were a couple of reasons; when I installed it, John Parker was working on his bike beside me and revving it, and I was ecstatic that my bike was now working and wouldn't have heard anything except joy! When I turn the key on, the pump starts thumping, but of course I had my earplugs in, so couldn't hear that sound. It was only at home when in the quiet garage, when I turn on the key that I heard it, and couldn't figure out what it was.

The Facet pump was hooked up straight from the fuel line coming out of the tank, direct to the carburetor hose, the fuel vacuum shutoff valve was removed, and I wired the pump to my Centech II auxiliary fuse block which I have under the headlight. So the pump would run when ignition was on. I left the OEM pump wired as is. Before I installed the Facet, my bike did fire up on the OEM pump, but I wasn't going to take a chance. I also didn't have any fuel filter attached. When I got home I found the Facet fuel filter that screwed right into the pump and worked well.

Fast Forward to October, 2016.....

I didn't like the idea of the extra pressure this pump puts out (2.0-3.5) plus I wanted to use a switch to turn it off and on so I can see if my OEM pump still works and keep the aux pump as standby. This model pump has a positive shut off valve, so no power, no flow and would block the OEM pump.

So I ordered the: Facet 60304 Posi-Flo Pump (Link) with no shutoff valve. So wired it using one of the Police Right hand switches, so I can turn off and on and see how OEM pump works. Of course no time for a long test drive until mid November when it was too good a day to go to work, managed a 250 mile ride to test the Facet pump and the mileage was 45.5 mpg. Of course one ride isn't going to prove much, but I did try to ride my usual places to get an idea.

Once the riding season starts for 2017, I will get more numbers, and then I will turn it off and see how the OEM does.

The most important thing to note is you need a 3/8 hose barb. I cannot find one here, only 5/16, which even with a hose clamp, will leak while connected to the carburetor hose. I didn't want to cut any hoses or mess with the OEM setup, so it can go back to stock at any time. The Facet fuel filter fits great to the fuel tank hose, which is smaller than the carb hose. I also didn't want to cut that OEM fuel tank hose, so bought a fuel hose that I can butcher to custom.

This would be something to consider adding to the emergency kit as it doesn't cost too much and take up too much room. Estimated cost: $36.50 ( 2017 )

Here are some pics:

1. Setup to get me home no fuel filter

2. How it buttons up, it is tight under there.

3. Comparing old one, red cover and new one, more plastic feeling but still heavy

4. Initial set up, with 5/16 fitting, I was smelling gas, no good.

5. How it looks all done, some foam pads to keep it from vibrating against the tupperware.


Additional Comments by Raouf Wilson:
Jeff Nichols brings up a good point in suggestion that the wires should be hooked up to the OEM pump wires so that the tip over shutoff circuit can be utilized. I think this would be wise for a long term install.

Additional question by Tom Melnik:
I was thinking the same thing after reading your write up, why not just wire it into the existing pump wires.

Does the OEM pump have to operate at the same time as the external pump?

Can the external pump pull fuel out of the tank with the OEM off?

Additional comment by Raouf Wilson:
The aux fuel pump will operate off the OEM pump wires, I tried when I got home.

The aux fuel pump will also operate with the OEM pump not turned on. I had them both working as I wasn't sure if the OEM pump was off, it would have restricted the flow in any way. Once home I disconnected the wires to the OEM pump and the aux worked just fine.

Right now my set up is to have the aux fuel pump turned on and off with a switch, and have the OEM running. My next change will be to run the aux fuel pump off the OEM circuit for the shutoff operation. Right now if something happened and the ignition key was still on, the aux pump would just be pushing fuel out.

Ideally, I would also like to put the vacuum shut off valve back, but there is such little room for aux pump as it is, I may just have to live with that set up.


External Auxiliary Fuel Pump ( ST1100 ) - Part 2


Additional comments by Raouf Wilson:

Okay some final pictures of the setup I have now.

1. The set up.

2. Facet model 60304 with Facet Fuel filter.

3. OEM clamp using existing carb fuel line and brass 5/8 hose barb in Facet.

4. Rubber shim to keep the hose clamp from touching tank.

5. I used the OEM fuel filter but too many clamps and too long and tough to fit plastic back on.

6. Zip ties are your friend, red of course. Go under the seat hook.

Keep the OEM Vacuum bypass set up for later use, when you finally buy a proper OEM pump and be a cheap ass like me. Okay I bought a used one or two that I will carry too.

See all those extra hose clamps and OEM Fuel filter. Why does the bypass only have 1 screw. You all know that there are 2 holding it to the air filter housing.

Okay here is where the missing screw went. I figured this out while I was looking to see what I could find to fit that, a golf tee would be good too. That vacuum hose needs to be blocked, since the by pass valve has been by passed.. :grin:

Here is what the pump sounds like. It was scary to hear this the first time from such a small pump.


Thank You again for your contribution Raouf Wilson, STOC #6136