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(Stickie) Special Tools and toolkits available for loan *

Started by Don Feyma, October 01, 2007, 06:20:39 PM

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Don Feyma

There are several special tools and toolkits available for loan to STOC members, to make upgrading or repairing your ST1100 easier.

To get access to these,  please register on the private forums and see the appropriate board.  
Don Feyma - STOC #237
Smith, Nevada, USA
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Big Blue Birdslayer - 2005 VSTrom DL1000 (sold)
2004 VSTrom DL650 (traded)
ArreSTme - 1996 ST1100 (RIP)
ArreSTmetoo - 1992 ST1100 (Sold)
ArreSTme3 - 1998 ST1100A (traded for DL1000)

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