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Quartet Harness Installation ( ST1300 ) *

Started by KoTAOW, June 04, 2009, 08:11:57 PM

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Original article can be viewed here: ( 373 kb ) - ST1300/Quartet Harness Installation - ST1300/st1300quartetharnessinstall.pdf

Written by Curt Gran, aka crazykz, STOC 5137, IBA 330
Curt is the owner of:


Quartet Harness Installation

This document is provided strictly for entertainment purposes. Information in this document does not replace, enhance,
or supersede information contained in Honda Owner’s Manuals, Service Manuals, or other Honda publications. The
contents of this document should not be considered accurate or authoritative. The reader assumes liability for any
consequences resulting from the use or misuse of the contents of this document. Honda motorcycles should be serviced
only by qualified Honda technicians.

Change History

Rev No  Date        Author  Change Description
1.01       07 Dec 05 crazykz   Added references for connectors and added more descriptions
1.00       06 Dec 05 crazykz   Initial release of document.


This document discusses the installation of the Honda Quartet Harness (Honda Part Number, 08A30-MCS-100) for the

Page numbers refer to service manual procedure if further information is needed.


Photos generously provided by Adam Koczarski, STOC 265


ST1300, all model years.


  • When doing electrical work first disconnect the negative terminal on the battery as a safety precaution

  • Electrical work is not for the novice however this installation is fairly straight and other then plugging in the harness to
    the mating connector on the bike’s wiring harness there is not a lot to worry about in this installation. However with
    any wiring installation make sure that any wiring is routed and tied down correctly. If not the wiring may rub against a
    surface and possibly cause a short. Exercise caution when installing the bodywork to make sure that the harness is
    installed correctly and does not interfere with the proper installation of the middle and inner cowlings.

Honda Quartet Harness (Honda Part Number, 08A30-MCS-100)

Quartet Harness Installation

1. Remove passenger’s seat. Remove driver’s seat.

2. Remove the left mirror cover (P. 2-11)

3. Remove the left lower cowl (P. 2-10)

4. Remove the inner lower cowl (P. 2-9)

5. Remove the left engine guard cover (P. 2-12)

6. Remove the left inner cowl (P. 2-12)

7. Finally remove the left middle cowling (P. 2-13)

8. Now you’re looking for the wiring harness protector that houses the mating 9-pin connector that the quartet harness
will connect to. It’s in there, trust me. Notice the catch at the base of this connector bundle. You may need to bend it
out of the way to gain access to the connector. Also notice the connector that the finger is on. This connector has a
holder that is on the outside of the left fairing pocket. When installing the middle cowling make sure the connector is
placed in the holder on the fairing pocket or the cowling will not fit back on the bike properly. Also make sure that the
catch for the quartet harness bundle is also put back into place to hold the bundle against the frame and out of the way.

9. Plug the quartet harness into the mating connector on the bike’s wiring harness

10. Route the quartet up following the wiring harness for the fairing along the mounting frame for the fairing as seen in the
picture. The four plugs on the quartet harness are now available on the left side of the fairing (towards the top left of
the picture) to be used for Honda accessories or for wiring up your own farkles.

11. Here is a close up of the quartet harness connectors that are available for connecting accessories. Three 3-pin
connectors and one 9-pin connector.

12. The pinout for each connector is being maintained in a separate article.  Refer to article Quartet Harness Information in
the AOW section at:

The connectors on the quartet harness are Hitachi connectors. They can be purchased from

These connectors can then be used to wire up your own accessories directly to the quartet harness or to use for hooking
up a fuseblock.


Honda Quartet Harness Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions ( PDF )