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Auxiliary Light Brackets ( ST1100 ) *
« on: August 04, 2011, 06:58:41 PM »
Submitted by Tim Bowman, STOC #4533


Auxiliary Light Brackets ( ST1100 )

I've wanted some auxiliary light brackets for some high output  LED lights that I purchased this summer, but couldn't really find a good location.  I didn't want them fork mounted for the possible jiggling and closeness to rocks and debris.  I considered a location under the headlight, but in the end decided that the best location for me was to make some brackets that would bolt into the rear view mirror bolts similar to the police model brackets.

So on the 2nd day of my newly found retirement, I headed over to my friend Bob's shop where we built the brackets. Here's how
we did it.  

I started by removing the mirror covers and the little spacer that fills the gap between the mirror and the fairing and creating rough template like the following.  Nothing special, it's just a way of gaining perspective on the task.

Then it was some cutting, grinding, bending, filing and welding.  We had to make four spacers as well as the bracket and the mounting arm.   We also had to acquire some longer 10mm bolts.

Some Grinding:

Some Welding:

This was followed by numerous fittings and tweakings which led to these brackets:

After paint, they are a bit more presentable:

Mounted up, they look like the following:

And the finished product with the lights installed is pretty nice.  The mounts are very solid.

Now I need to do the wiring part of the project which will include adding a Fuzeblocks fuse panel and a switch for the lights.  

The lights, BTW, are VisionX ( which I purchased from AZ Motosports at the LD Rider National Convention in Denver last August.  The left one is a 10 watt flood LED and the right side is a 10 watt spot.  

It's actually a pretty easy project, but takes a bit of time (most of the day) to do the actual 2 off fabrication.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank You again for your contribution Tim Bowman, STOC #4533
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Re: Auxiliary Light Brackets ( ST1100 )
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2011, 07:00:04 PM »
Submitted by Norm Keller, STOC #8030


An alternative is to mount lights below the mirror pods as follows:

The brackets are simply formed with hammer and vise as can be seen in the side view and off mounting views.

The trick is to make the bends such that the bracket fits along the mirror under the lower 6mm cap screw which needs to be replaced by a longer one to accommodate the additional thickness of the bracket.

Check the mirror pod and fairing for the side and downward bends as the bracket needs to just clear the fairing and pass down far enough to be below the mirror pod when reassembled.

The bracket then takes a turn to the side to run parallel to the lower side of the mirror pod. The distance below the mirror pod depends on maintaining a bit of separation which needs not be much if you thread the mirror mounting holes in the bracket. If you intend to use nuts to retain the mirror mounting bolts, then bend the bracket for enough clearance to accommodate the nuts below the mirror pod.

When things are formed to satisfaction and the brackets have been painted and reinstalled, use a file to notch the lower portion of the mirror pod to clear the bracket. The notch can only be seen while under the bike and anyone in this position while on the road will have other things to complain about....   :surprise

If someone prefers the under mirror option or lacks welding facilities, this may serve. I have access to welding and machining but the preferred mount and simplicity make this solution more desirable.

Thank You again for your contribution Norm Keller, STOC #8030
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